‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ for Biden?? Really?

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Noted Biblical Scholars Inc.

The Christian Post editorial board is trying to analyze the support of “pro-life evangelicals, some of them noted biblical scholars,” for… Joe Biden (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/3893322/posts). We are not told who has noted these chumps as biblical scholars.

But did I hear that right? You guys, you pro-life evangelical Bible scholars–you’re supporting this guy who’s a friend to the abortion industry? And you say “Donald Trump’s a racist and Joe Biden isn’t!”–surely a highly debatable point–while ignoring the massive abortion numbers for black Americans. You’re for “gay marriage” Biden? For “Put Christians on a terrorist watch list” Biden? “Endorsed by Planned Parenthood” Biden?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! what about Climate Change? Huh? Huh? What bunk.

Biblical scholars, my ass. This is worse than contemptible. You can cut the hypocrisy with a knife. Wait’ll they start tossing pastors and elders in jail for not repudiating the Bible. You know–like they do in Sweden. Will they wring their scholarly hands?

These bums have no king but Caesar.

12 comments on “‘Pro-Life Evangelicals’ for Biden?? Really?

  1. these scum bags will kow tow to anyone, no matter how creepy, just to get the power they so badly crave. One DAY, it will not be funny for them, or those who follow them.

  2. Didn’t Our Lord say something about millstones and being dropped in the sea? I wonder whether these “noted biblical scholars” have read that part? Come to think of it, I wonder whether these “noted biblical scholars” have read any of the Bible? More than once when they were children, that is?

  3. In my experience most Biblical Scholars don’t even believe the Bible and certainly don’t live it. Trump is not perfect and the GOP are no saints, but I can’t see why any professing Christian would vote for the Democrat party when EVERYTHING they stand for is anti-Christian. My biggest issue with Trump is that he supports gay marriage. But at least he hasn’t used his administration to further the LGBT agenda like Obama did.

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