Pope Backs ‘Gay’ Civil Unions

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What would a bad nooze day be without Pope Francis I tearing down a bit more of Catholic teaching?

In a newly-released documentary, the Pope stated his support for Church recognition of “civil unions” for homosexuals (https://www.wsj.com/articles/pope-francis-backs-civil-unions-for-gay-couples-in-shift-for-vatican-11603296578). As usual when the Pope gets theologically frisky, the Vatican Press Office had no comment.

Now just because he’s in favor of civil unions, the Pope said, doesn’t mean he’s backing same-sex “marriage.” I guess all he’s doing is giving unrepented sin a pass and ignoring Biblical prohibitions of sex outside of marriage–although the difference between a marriage and a civil union is unclear to most people who aren’t lawyers.

Asked about these prohibitions back in 2013, Francis said, “Who am I to judge?” (Hint: We thought he was the Pope.)

What? If the Pope can’t “judge,” then what’s his role in the Church? A cheerleader? But God has already judged this form of fornication and ruled it a sin. We don’t have to judge it. God’s word rules it out.

There has to be some way of being compassionate and kind to sinners without just waving away the fact of their sin and saying it’s all right, the Bible’s only a book or something, pay it no heed. Why should the sin of homosexual acting-out get a free pass? Why not some other sins, too?

I thought we were all sinners, and that’s why we need Jesus Christ, and His Church, in the first place. That’s why we need compassion. And forgiveness. Do we also need a “That’s okay”?

I have no idea what this pope is trying to do to his church.

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  1. I think he’s trying to bring the church into the one world government by becoming the False Prophet. He advocates for open borders and condemns private property. “Função Social,” O Jornal, Sept. 30, 1972: “Private property & free enterprise are irreplaceable in expanding production. Pursuing this expansion is their principal social role” https://www.tfp.org/private-property/%5D

  2. I agree, Marlene. There is a very widespread, many tentacled monster that is hard at work to destroy all
    nations and make them one with “guess who” to rule over it all. Just as it was in the days of Nimrod.

    1. “guess who” – good point. I realize Pope Benedict most likely won’t get what he wants. I’m looking forward to the next Pope. Likely in our time? In God’s time.

    2. Francis’ name is Jorge Maria Bergoglio. Marlene, I think you’re mixing Francis up with Pope Benedict, whose pre-papal name was Joseph Ratzinger. The two men have nothing in common. Benedict was (and no doubt still is) a faithful Christian who stood fast for Biblical Christian morality and whose love for Christ shines through everything he ever wrote, including some truly inspirational Biblical exegesis. He tried his best to rein in clerical misbehavior, heretical teaching, and liturgical abuses — as well as financial corruption in the Vatican — but he finally resigned as Pope, supposedly in broken health, but many of us think in despair over the extent of the corruption he was facing.

    3. Benedict was a good man and we all lost something when he mysteriously resigned. The Protestant angle on that is, the bad guys threatened his family.

    1. Many of us are denouncing him — and not just among the laity. A number of bishops and cardinals have done so, as well. A couple of outspoken critics among the clergy, including an archbishop, have actually gone into hiding for fear of reprisals. Many of the faithful who never talked about end times before have started doing so now. Every time we think we’ve heard the worst from (or about) Francis, we hear something even worse.

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