Facemask Nation

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I took Robbie to the vet today and was chided by a receptionist for not wearing my face mask all the way over my nose. “It’s the rules!” she said.

Several questions spring to mind.

*How long are we going to put up with this? Do I still live in America, or is this the Twilight Zone?

*If gyms are open at all, how long are we supposed to work up a sweat in the gym but not take a shower afterward?

*Are they going to ban Thanksgiving (as the governor of California has already done, to a degree)–and then Christmas?

*Who knew state governors had so much power over us? If any president ever tried to do to us the things done to us by governors, his head would wind up on a pole. Or would it?

*How–and when!–do we get our liberties back?

*Sheesh, all King George demanded of us was a stamp tax. Would today’s Americans have ever wound up casting off British rule and founding their own country?

*If COVID-19 really is as deadly as they say it is… how come rioters aren’t dropping like flies?

Answers, please! We’re waiting.

7 comments on “Facemask Nation

  1. Covid is not deadly – it’s a fearmongering flu. SARS was a test run. People didn’t die from SARS – they died, or became seriously ill, from the vaccine, or the treatment. Covid is merely part of PLAN-19, which includes loss of freedom thru quarantines, loss of free speech thru censorship, state control of our children through DC Bill 23-171, austerity thru the death of small businesses eaten up by big barracudas, loss of cash and independence in spending it thru digital currency, contact “tracing” – the operative word, mandated vaccines that change one’s DNA, and on and on… It’s the PLAN. And American needs its Waterloo, now!

  2. The whole thing reminds me of the Emperor Wears No Clothes. Everyone knows this virus is not like the Black Plague or the Spanish Flu, but are going through the motions anyways. By all accounts the virus is not nearly as powerful as it was in the beginning. Cases may go up but deaths are not.

    1. Sadly, no. I’ve seen people who honestly believe that this virus is, at the very least, just as bad – if not worse – than the Spanish flu or the plague. And boy, do they get angry when you point out the data! It just proves to them that you don’t care about people dying. :-/

      Also, apparently, nobody died before this strain of a common class of virus showed up. How very odd.

  3. In our province, we’ve seen a “spike” in test positivity, hospitalizations and deaths attributed to this virus. On Facebook (the only social media I really use), whenever the local news I follow posts articles about it, the comments are filled with people blaming non-mask wearers, people who wear masks but don’t wear them right, people who break the rules, young people, etc. (they, themselves, are – of course – perfect). This is typically followed by demands for increased restrictions, a full lock down, forced masking of everyone, including people normally exempt, and closing the borders, both to other provinces, as well as the US, completely. Lots of people saying “I saw a car with a license plate from X province. The border needs to be closed!” In their minds, anyone who enters the province is bringing plague germs with them – as if it wasn’t already here!

    The number of people I’m seeing demanding that people – even children – get fined, charged, jailed, forced into quarantine, is very alarming. And they are incapable of seeing the problem with it. It’s all about saving lives, dontcha know. Lives they never cared about at all, until now, it seems.

    Worse, we’ve got internment camps – aka quarantine facilities – being built all across Canada. Ostensibly for those people who have traveled and have no where to self-quarantine for 14 days, but government officials have openly talked about forcing people to stay there and not being allowed out until they agree to certain conditions, like being vaccinated. That government is doing this is bad enough, but our province’s Metis federation is building their own internment camps for their own people, too!

    How did we get to this point???

    Meanwhile, I went to the court office in a municipality with a mask mandate (our municipality does not have a mask mandate) yesterday. While I was asked about it, I told them I was medically exempt, and that was it. I spoke directly with two justices of the peace, and they had no issues with my not wearing one. They just kept their distance, when there wasn’t a plastic shield between us. Which is how it should be, since the reason I can’t wear a mask is also one of the reasons I’m in a higher risk category if I did get the virus (which I am not worried about at all). So if they’re wearing masks to “protect others from the virus”, well, I’m that “other”.

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