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Y’know something? No matter which way the election goes, we’re going to be in for some hair-raising times. And we will need Christian fellowship.

If the Democrats win, fasten your seat-belt: we’re headed for tribulation, worse than anything that’s ever been seen in America. But if we can succeed in re-electing President Trump, don’t expect the enemy to go away quietly. They’ll be coming after us with all they’ve got left.

For prayer, for encouragement, for exhortation, for friendship, for Bible study, for instruction, and even for fun–we can do those things here, don’t you think? Well, we’ve been doing them. All I’m sayin’ today is, there’s room for a lot more of you. And you don’t have to be an American to be with us. We love our respective countries, but we’re all citizens of a greater one–the Kingdom of Heaven.

We’d love to hear your comments, we’d love to hear your questions. We’d love to take your prayer and hymn requests.

This is a time when we have to hang together: the devil’s out there gunning for us.

14 comments on “Join Our Fellowship!

  1. If we win reelection, hold the Senate, and gain the House we can do serious damage to the radical Left. No they will not go quietly into the night, but neither will we.

  2. I so fully agree with your words, Lee, and also Watchman. We are in the beginning of the “birth pangs” that the Lord warned us about, and the false prophecies are a part of that. It is no time to dilly dally about in what we see and hear. The prayers of agreement are our greatest weapon and I have a request right now.
    My son, Eric, had a clinic appointment a short time ago, accepted a flu shot, and this morning has flu symptoms. I never have accepted a flu shot, and have not had flu inn years, but now this.
    Thanks for all your prayers, as I pray for all of you.

    1. That’s not the first time I’ve heard of someone getting the flu shot and then immediately getting the flu. Hope he gets well soon.

    2. I too have never gotten the flu shot, neither has my son, and neither of us has ever had the flu. A good immune system is important, but the shot destroys it. Eric is and will continue to be in my prayers until all is well again.

  3. I belong to the International Federation of Christians and Jews and a local church. There’s very little communication with the IFCJ and I don’t know much about the other Christians in my church. I am indeed honored to find fellowship here and feel I understand t he people here better than most of my neighbors. Here, we are not only of the same faith, but of the same mind. I do share this site with as many people as I can and trust your fellowship will expand.

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