A Ray of Hope

A Ray of Sunshine. Michigan gives us hope | by Chris Thomas | Medium

Check out this piece on The American Thinker about the tide starting to turn for President Trump.


Attorney General Barr has just ordered the Justice Dept. to investigate voter fraud in our 2020 election, which was a travesty, and the Dept. of Homeland Security is also involved. There are a great many ways to steal an election, and so we now have new investigative tools and procedures that we didn’t have before. As the government handbook (published in 2017) for “Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses” puts it, “Our constitutional system of government only works when the worth of honest ballots is not diluted by invalid ballots procured by corruption.” I especially like that word “procured.” (For those who don’t know, a pimp used to be called a procurer.)

So there are going to be investigations, rigorously carried out–and various Democrat pipsqueaks are going to have to start asking themselves, “Do I want to go to federal prison so Joe Biden can be president?” That shouldn’t be a hard one to figure out even for them.

Right now the best thing the Dems have going for them is the sheer unthinkability of stealing a national election. People are incredulous. Could anyone really commit such a bold, enormous, in-your-face crime? It makes fixing the World Series look like child’s play.

As the evidence mounts, though, it’ll seem less and less unthinkable.

This is a dagger thrust at the heart of our constitutional republic, and it must be turned aside, it must be stopped. And those responsible for it must be punished as seditionists.

So that it never happens again.

P.S.–Not to forget the shameful and despicable role played in this comedy by our lying, worthless nooze media…


The Enemy Is Not Afraid of Us

Trump rally called 'dangerous move' in age of coronavirus

It’s got to be big and it’s got to be loud

The next stage of the Democrat coup d’etat is for the nooze media to repeat incessantly, day and night, every day, “Joe Biden is the winner!” until they wear us down with it–until we’re willing to do anything, even accept a phony Biden presidency, to make it stop. Endless repetition may even make some people think it’s true.

But this evil parody of an election must not be allowed to stand. Because if it stands, our republic doesn’t.

Organizers! We need bigger Trump rallies, and we need them now–with or without the president. The noozies don’t care what we say, the Democrats don’t care, but it may be the highest courts might listen to us. We need to put the fear in the heart of the enemy, and we need to encourage and hearten one another.

We are in this together: millions of us.

They do these things to us because they have no fear of us. Democrats commit crimes with no fear of punishment.

There must be someone out there who can organize a truly gigantic protest in Washington. A protest that makes the worst that Antifa and BLM can do look like a Biden rally in a tool shed. We need the biggest Trump rally that there’s ever been.

Because this coup, this stab at the heart of our republic, must not be allowed to stand.

And while we’re at it–pray!

Can the Senate Stop the Stampede Off the Cliff?

98 Boundary Construction Barrier Roadblock Hurdle Stock Photos, Pictures &  Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Assuming (God forbid) that these highly suspicious election results are allowed to stand, at the very least we still have the Senate to protect the American people from an evil and quite possibly insane government.

The Senate, with its Republican majority, can do much good and prevent a great deal of harm. Here are a few things it can certainly do.

*With Republicans in control of the Senate, packing the Supreme Court becomes a totally empty threat, impossible to accomplish. All the Senate majority has to do is refuse to confirm the judges. End of story.

*For that matter, what’s to keep them from refusing to confirm any judges named by Biden-Harris-Voter Fraud? Just say “No!” Easiest thing in the world.

*Refuse to vote for any tax hikes. Sorry, Joe, you can’t raise our taxes without the approval of the Senate.

Now, the thing that bothers me the most about this election is, with Biden-Harris-Fraud in the White House, none of the Democrats’ many crimes will be punished. They’ll all get off scot-free. Hey! Manufacture phony evidence to fool a court? No problem! Spy on the president-elect? Feel free. Selling access to the White House to every dirty foreign crook on the planet? Enjoy!

*Even if they lack the power to ship the multitude of defendants off to Club Gitmo for the next 30 or 40 years, the Senators can still continue to investigate this multitude of crimes, and can announce their findings to the world. They can tell the truth about Biden & Co. selling us out to Red China. They can tell the truth about Obama. And you can be sure Democrats do not want those truths told.

The Senate has all the authority it needs to do these things.

It only remains to be seen whether they have the onions for it.

We Still Live

The Blob(s) Are Going to Get You: Comparing the Original to the Remake -  Hollywood Suite

I was praying for a wipeout of the Democrat Party, put them away once and for all, but God didn’t grant us that. Now we have to pray for survival. Because if God doesn’t intervene, The Blob wins: it will engulf our country.

But have we really done that badly?

What dirty trick was not employed against President Trump–every day for four years? What lie did our nooze media refrain from telling? How much money did villains like Soros, Bloomberg, and Red China pour into the Biden campaign? What lie was not told?

Given all that was thrown at us, all the lies, all the dirty money, all the bent cops in the FBI, all the Democrat stooges in the CIA, all the schools and colleges, all of Hollywood, all the riots, all the virus, all the Blame-It-On-Trump–with all of that dumped on us every day for four whole years, I think we’ve done rather well. Just to still be here.

The smoke has not yet cleared. We are not yet loaded onto the track to become Venezuela North. Maybe we’ve won, after all. Doesn’t look like it–but when does our nooze media ever tell the truth?

Keep praying. Don’t stop now. It may be God will hear us, and deliver us.

Has the Riot Party Won?

Rioters Set Fire to Home With Child Inside, Block Firefighters From  Reaching Scene

We are asked to believe that the American people have handed their country over to senile Joe Biden and his Riot Party. And while that was going on…

A hundred thugs from the Antifa/Black Lives Matter wing of the Democrat Party tried to burn down Portland last night; police stopped them just as they were pouring out “a flammable liquid” into a Starbuck’s that was connected to an apartment building full of people (https://thepostmillennial.com/police-intercept-portland-antifa-before-they-could-burn-down-occupied-apartment-building). Amazingly, only two of the would-be arsonists were arrested. Not so amazingly, both were released without bail.

This is what we want for America, the noozies tell us. Riots. Gee, Starbuck’s has spent several years kow-towing to Far Left Crazy, and they still tried to burn it down. You just can’t appease some people.

Yeah, we want riots. And open borders, no oil industry, lots and lots of transgender, and selling out the whole kit ‘n’ caboodle to Red China–that’s what we want, they tell us. That’s why we’re electing Democrats, who will give us those things.

Something about this really stinks.

What Do I Write on Election Day?

Hard, tiresome work,” says 1940s film on journalism | Allie's Re "Allie" ty  // Allie Hulcher

When I was a weekly newspaper editor and reporter, back when we still used manual typewriters, I worked hard, trying to scoop the dailies. It was very hard to do! Because if I had a story on Thursday or Friday, it couldn’t be published until the following Wednesday, when our paper (The Bayshore Independent: R.I.P.) came out. So the dailies had several days to catch up, and they almost always did.

I’m still writing weekly for Newswithviews, which comes out on a Thursday, So if I write something today, Tuesday, Election Day, it’ll be stale potatoes by Thursday. And with the election uppermost in everybody’s minds, including mine, why bother? I’ll just have to wait till tomorrow and try to hustle up a column in time for the next day. And by then a lot of the readers will have election fatigue.

So I wrote a nice chunk of Behold! this morning, now that I know where I have to be to stage the climax, half a dozen blog posts, and I’ll spend the rest of my workday typing up my manuscript for Chapter Set 5 (Set No. 6 ought to do it). And I’ll have to try real hard not to get overwhelmed by the news of the election.

I’m almost tempted not to follow the results tonight, because if we lose this one and the Evil Democrat Party wins, it’s adios to America. I’ve pretty much emptied my quiver, and there’s nothing left to do but pray.

Pray hard.

Prayer Request: America

Please join together in prayer for our country.

Oh Lord our God! In this election we are up against the most evil, unscrupulous, and powerful villains in the world, the Democrat Party and its supporters. They hate us because we are your people; they hate you because you’re our God. And they have infinite resources when it comes to cheating and corrupting the election.

Father, save us, deliver us out of their hands. Not for our sake, because we are sinners and it is our sins that got us into this dangerous predicament in the first place: not for our sake, Lord, but for your own great name’s sake, save us: that the world might see what you do, and that the world might know that you are God.

In Jesus’ name and by the power of Jesus’ name, Amen.

We’ll Vote a Day Early

Image result for images of new jersey mail-=in ballot

We want to deliver our Official Mail-In Ballots today to the Secure Drop Box at the police station.

Each ballot came with several pages’ worth of instructions, which is probably enough to put off key elements of the Democrat voter base. Maybe they’ve outsmarted themselves this time, insisting on a vote by mail instead of in person, like it’s always been done. But they wished to sacrifice this election to their idol, Great Covid–and they’re counting on voter fraud to boost them back into power.

And then we can watch them murder our country.

If you have any intention of voting for any Democrat this year, please have the decency to sit out this election.

O Lord Our God! Deliver our country, once again, out of the hands of the ungodly and the wicked. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Are You Ready for the Purge Trials?

Guillotine. An Empty Guillotine rendered from the ground over a white  background , #Sponsored, #rendered, #Empty,… | Execution, Modern  metropolis, French revolution

Let’s see, now, muse the Democrats–what’ll we do after we win the election?

Ooh-ooh, I know, I know! gushes Robert Reich, former member of Bill Clinton’s cabinet. By now his recommendation is famous and more than a few Democrats have echoed it.

Reich wants a “truth and reconciliation commission”–if your alarm’s not going off already, you need a new battery–which will, in his words, “erase Donald Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe” (https://www.chicagotribune.com/columns/john-kass/ct-truth-reconciliation-kass-20201021-f4krpwvpvjgxvb2fv7hxnapdfy-story.html).

Does that sound conciliatory to you? Maybe we don’t understand the word.

Reich borrowed the euphemism, “truth and reconciliation,” from South Africa–which, after all, had just had a radical change in government and was making a very difficult transition away from a society based on apartheid. But as Democrats see it, America as we know it is every bit as bad as South Africa ever was. America deserves a damned good thrashing, and they’re gonna give us one.

So after they win next week’s election, they can hunt down everyone who ever opposed them, put them on trial, and either totally ruin their lives or spring for some more violent, theatrical punishment.

These are evil and fanatical people. God help us if they ever get back into power–and if we let them, through foolishness or sloth… why should He?

Join Our Fellowship!

Finding True Christian Fellowship - Ecumenicon

Y’know something? No matter which way the election goes, we’re going to be in for some hair-raising times. And we will need Christian fellowship.

If the Democrats win, fasten your seat-belt: we’re headed for tribulation, worse than anything that’s ever been seen in America. But if we can succeed in re-electing President Trump, don’t expect the enemy to go away quietly. They’ll be coming after us with all they’ve got left.

For prayer, for encouragement, for exhortation, for friendship, for Bible study, for instruction, and even for fun–we can do those things here, don’t you think? Well, we’ve been doing them. All I’m sayin’ today is, there’s room for a lot more of you. And you don’t have to be an American to be with us. We love our respective countries, but we’re all citizens of a greater one–the Kingdom of Heaven.

We’d love to hear your comments, we’d love to hear your questions. We’d love to take your prayer and hymn requests.

This is a time when we have to hang together: the devil’s out there gunning for us.