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‘Minds Set in Cement?’ (2014)

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Sooner or later even the most deceptive villains will tell you what they’re all about. They can’t help it. As my friend John the homicide detective says, “Sooner or later they talk. They can’t help it.” Hercule Poirot would agree.

But until that happens, it’s terribly hard to change somebody’s mind.

Minds Set in Cement?

I think I once persuaded somebody that homeschooling was good. That’s not much to show for several decades’ worth of trying. But as long as people are prepared to listen to the truth when the bad guys inadvertently let it slip out, there’s hope.

Uh, like they’ve been doing in the streets of our cities this year: which tells us who they are and what they mean to do to us if they can ever get back into power.


Democrats and Funerals

A great opportunity for a political rally!

It seems the only way you can generate a crowd for a Democrat political rally is to stage it as a funeral. Remember Paul Wellstone’s funeral, a couple of years back? What a spectacle that was.

This week they did it again at Congressman John Lewis’ funeral, with former President *Batteries Not Included, supposedly there to deliver a eulogy, diving head-first into 2020 politics (https://www.politico.com/news/2020/07/31/stephen-miller-obamas-comments-at-lewis-funeral-totally-disconnected-from-reality-389386).

Obama lashed out at President Donald Trump, as usual, called the legislative filibuster “a Jim Crow relic,” demanded “automatic” voter registration and the creation of a national holiday for Election Day, and spewed out the customary blather about “suppressing” the minority vote and “attacks on our democracy.”

I would never say it at a funeral, but I think too many people vote and that the voting age ought to be raised to 50.

To restate the obvious, the United States is not a “democracy.” It is a constitutional republic founded on the principal that government itself is a necessary evil whose power must be vigorously limited. Otherwise it’ll just devour everything.

And, as Mark Simone asked on the radio today, how come you aren’t allowed to fill up a church for a service, but it’s okay to jam ’em all in for a Democrat funeral?

God help us if we ever let these people get back into power. Throughout history, “democracy” will either self-destruct or deteriorate into tyranny. It never fails.

Our country’s founders knew that. I wish we did.

Dems Don’t Want Cops? OK!

When Americans Don't Riot, Politicians Feel Unrestrained - The ...

The Democrat plan for America

Democrats have been yelling “Defund the police!” and making it perfectly clear that they prefer criminals to cops.

Now it seems the feeling’s mutual.

With the Democrat National Convention, in Milwaukee, about three weeks away, more than 100 law enforcement agencies have backed out of their agreements to provide security for the convention (https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bethbaumann/2020/07/28/why-more-than-100-law-enforcement-agencies-backed-out-of-the-democratic-national-n2573328). It seems they don’t want to put their lives on the line to guard a bunch of Far Left political botflies who hate them. Who woulda thought it?

“New policies” adopted by the city’s Democrat rulers, such as forbidding the use of pepper spray or tear gas to break up a violent riot, have made cops think twice about guarding the convention, said the Milwaukee police chief.

If they can’t use any kind of force to stop a violent mob, what’s left? How are they supposed to do their job?

So… never mind! Let the Dems provide their own security, if they can. They’re the ones who egg the riots on, who never speak against them, who tacitly support them. They’re the ones who think rioting is the way to conduct public affairs. And they think they control it.

Wait’ll they find out that they don’t.


‘The United States of Socialism’

United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to ...

Here’s my review of Dinesh D’Souza’s new book, The United States of Socialism.


It’s really something, how “helping the poor” always leaves “the poor” just as badly off as ever, while big-name socialists grow fabulously wealthy. But then virtually everything these people do is a contradiction in terms.

They’re Intellectuals, but their program is just plain stupid and has never been anything but a failure, anywhere. They’re “nicer” than capitalists–but who’s more likely to use violence to crush dissenting views?

D’Souza does a thorough job of exposing these hypocrites and thieves for what they are and always have been.

If this information doesn’t convince you that America needs serious re-Christianizing, I don’t know what will.

The ‘Down With White People’ Party

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“Politico” reports that the Democrat National Committee is drafting a platform which blames white people for all the problems of America: in 80 pages so far, “whites” are denounced 15 times (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/07/24/nolte-draft-dnc-platform-declares-white-americans-too-rich-too-privileged-and-too-evil/?fbclid=IwAR2Lcz8gm3BaJ4hpvwmiZRZ-GeR_xcevb4vFWo4l7zlzkUmKtw7xxeUE-Gk).

Well, heck! It’s all that “Systemic Racism” jazz. You know–if you’re white, you’re born guilty, you’re just a no-good racist no matter what you do or say–

And the rich white liberals who own the government must punish you!

See, white people are too rich, too prosperous, and it’s all at the poor abused minorities’ expense: in fact, white people are “holding our country back” from universal prosperity that would just naturally occur if we obeyed the rich white liberals who govern us.

I do not consent to be blamed for anything done by anyone who isn’t me. I do not consent to be punished for it. I do not consent to be labeled a “racist.” And as long as everything and everybody is irredeemably racist, 100% stuck with it–well, then, I don’t care. I just don’t care about it anymore.

Why do we let these Far Left pin-heads push us around?

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