Can the Senate Stop the Stampede Off the Cliff?

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Assuming (God forbid) that these highly suspicious election results are allowed to stand, at the very least we still have the Senate to protect the American people from an evil and quite possibly insane government.

The Senate, with its Republican majority, can do much good and prevent a great deal of harm. Here are a few things it can certainly do.

*With Republicans in control of the Senate, packing the Supreme Court becomes a totally empty threat, impossible to accomplish. All the Senate majority has to do is refuse to confirm the judges. End of story.

*For that matter, what’s to keep them from refusing to confirm any judges named by Biden-Harris-Voter Fraud? Just say “No!” Easiest thing in the world.

*Refuse to vote for any tax hikes. Sorry, Joe, you can’t raise our taxes without the approval of the Senate.

Now, the thing that bothers me the most about this election is, with Biden-Harris-Fraud in the White House, none of the Democrats’ many crimes will be punished. They’ll all get off scot-free. Hey! Manufacture phony evidence to fool a court? No problem! Spy on the president-elect? Feel free. Selling access to the White House to every dirty foreign crook on the planet? Enjoy!

*Even if they lack the power to ship the multitude of defendants off to Club Gitmo for the next 30 or 40 years, the Senators can still continue to investigate this multitude of crimes, and can announce their findings to the world. They can tell the truth about Biden & Co. selling us out to Red China. They can tell the truth about Obama. And you can be sure Democrats do not want those truths told.

The Senate has all the authority it needs to do these things.

It only remains to be seen whether they have the onions for it.

13 comments on “Can the Senate Stop the Stampede Off the Cliff?

  1. If they haven’t done it yet, I don’t see much hope of their doing it now. Forty years in the wilderness coming up.

    1. But it’s not hard! All they have to do is say No to everything the Democrats want to do! Even a fool of a Senator can do that?
      David Crockett once defined a Senator as “half horse and half man.” He didn’t specify which half was which.

  2. I’m worried about the DIRCs (democrats in republican clothes) already a part of the Senate majority. We need more conservatives. Anyway, this is a great article!

    1. I was thinking the same thing when such a cheer went up for Senator Collins keeping her seat from Maine. She has a tendency to vote with the Democrats a lot. I was actually surprised that she voted to confirm Justice Barrett. And then there’s Senator Mikulski…. 🙁

  3. I think so. We are about to see a divided government.

    My prediction (and it’s only that) is that Biden is going to win the presidency (whether by crook or hook I don’t know). Trump is going to initially refuse to leave. Eventually he will, after he has made some sort of grand final declaration.

    Voting systems in some states will change after this.

  4. Hey out there, as Yogi Berra said, “It’s not over ’til it’s over,” and Rush Limbaugh says “Keep the faith.” I can hear Jesus now, “O ye of little faith.” Trump won the election and now the Left is trying to steal it away. Wait upon the Lord and watch Him do a miracle. P.S. We gained seats in the House, many of them by Pro-Life women – rejoice!

  5. Bad news this morning — the Georgia Senate race is going into runoffs, and another race is seriously in question. Right now (early Friday morning), the Senate is tied 48-48. The Presidential numbers have been hit with more fake ballots as well, upsetting even a couple of states that seemed safely Trump’s. Friends, we seem to be in the midst of a genuine coup d’etat. Pray hard for Divine intervention.

    1. Amen.
      I do wish the Democrats would do us the courtesy of springing some new tricks on us instead of the same damned thing every single time. The only thing different here is the mammoth scale of the cheating.

      They are America’s enemy, and must be defeated.

      May God smite them.

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