The Best Thing I Saw Yesterday

Grow Those Antlers!—Bedtime Math—Daily Math

The sun came out yesterday, and so did I. And I was sitting in my chair, writing, when I chanced to look up… and saw a full-grown buck with antlers trotting across the yard, just ten feet away from me. I couldn’t repress a “Well, look at you!” The deer paused to look back at me, then continued on his way.

I know this is no big deal for a lot of you; but this is the New Jersey suburbs. I’ve lived here all my life and this was the first free-running deer I ever saw with antlers. When I was a boy and you wanted to see a deer, you went either to a deer park or the zoo.

My neighbor tells me the deer are living behind St. Francis’ Convent, just across the street from us. They’re safe there. I like to think of them under St. Francis’ protection.

That buck was the best thing I saw all day yesterday. God’s stuff. It’s all around us, He has not abandoned us, nor will He.

Take it as a sign. I do.

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  1. That is very cool, Lee. Occasionally I see deer or wild turkeys when I’m driving to or from work, but Spokane, Washington isn’t New Jersey suburbs either, is it?

    1. We did have wild turkeys visiting St. Francis’ one day, and they were quite a sight: I’d never seen one before, except in pictures. And all the Main Street traffic had to stop until the turkeys safely got across.

  2. Good friends of ours live in the middle of town in kind of a shallow valley. A deer ran right through the window of their living room and then turned around and ran back out through the other window of their living room. There was some blood but no dead deer every showed up. Deer hunting season out in the woods around town is super popular.

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