Humor and Sanity Break: ‘Candid Camera’ Bowling

We know this is from the late 50s or early 60s because it’s in black-and-white and we have Allen Funt’s voiceover. This is vintage Candid Camera and it’s still screamingly funny today.

These poor bowlers have no idea what Funt and his crew have cooking for them. Watch what happens when they find out.

8 comments on “Humor and Sanity Break: ‘Candid Camera’ Bowling

  1. This youtube would not open for me, having more problems with internet. Snow again, and everything so slow it hardly moves at all. Anyway, it was worth it just to be reminded of Candid Camera, which I had not thought about in years. Used to like it at lot.

    1. Now I wonder if we’ll get any snow: none, last year. We’ve had rain three days in a row, and I still need a few sunny, reasonably warm days to finish my book.

  2. I’d forgotten how funny — and how comparatively good-natured — this program was. No one was really humiliated, the way they’d be today. They were just taken by surprise, and as I recall, almost all of them laughed when they were told they’d been “on Candid Camera.” I suppose anyone who really did feel upset just wasn’t included in the programs, which again is something kind that wouldn’t happen today.

    Once again let us sing the chorus: “It was a different world back then.”

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