Down with the Nooze Media!

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As much as I loathe Far Left politicians, and the annual crop of useful idiots they harvest from our colleges, I think I detest the media most of all. Because we need news reporters to let us know what’s happening–and all they do is lie.

This morning, over the car radio, we must’ve heard half a dozen different noozies insisting that all efforts to overturn this monstrous travesty of an election are totally futile, time for Trump to wave the white flag, Biden is yer president, you peasants… blah-blah-blah.

Don’t you get suspicious whenever you encounter a whole bunch of people with exactly the same opinion, expressed in exactly the same terms? That’s Diversity, brother! Gee, it’s like all these noozies came out of a vending machine, one after another.

Fear and panic over COVID-19 played a major role in this election. And who stoked those fires for the Democrats? Who dished out the fear porn? All day, every day–“You’re all gonna die unless you do what you’re told!” Same damned mantra that they chant for their bogus Climate Change. Same thing they tried with freakin’ measles a year or two ago. But this time, courtesy of the Chinese Communist Party, they finally found a scare tactic that really works.

Here’s one thing I can say for sure:

If the Democrats fail to make this scam stand up, if their crime is exposed and the so-called election overturned; if the fruit is snatched out of their hands just as they’re about to eat it…

That would be even sweeter than a landslide victory.

Defend us, O God! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

2 comments on “Down with the Nooze Media!

  1. Yes, yes, I agree! I don’t believe that God allowed everything to fall into place at the right time (Kavanaugh, who was run over the coals by Kamala Harris; Clarence Thomas, who was smeared by Biden; Ruth Bader Ginsburgs death; Amy Coney Barret) only for Peesisent Trump to lose at the bitter end.
    I sure hope not. We have to pray that not only does Trump continue strong, but that the Republican senators won’t be intimidated and back off, and that the evidence won’t disappear, and that the media will finally get what’s been coming to them for a long time.

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