Cats & Turtles: It’s All a Misunderstanding

I’ve had lots of turtles, and none of them could be described as playful. My painted turtle kept expecting Henry the cat to feed him. My box turtles annoyed the family dog by eating his food. What was he going to do about it?

Cats play. Turtles don’t. Very hard to have a meeting of the minds. Turtles do respond to affection, but they don’t care to be pounced on. Cats may be surprised at how assertive a tortoise can be.

8 comments on “Cats & Turtles: It’s All a Misunderstanding

  1. I never had much to do with turtles. When I was a kid living in Missouri, there were quite a few around, and they caught my attention for a while, but I never tried to catch one. These are interesting pics.

  2. I have never even seen turtles like those! That is hysterical. I didn’t know they had any sort of personality. I guess it is nothing that I ever thought about. I have saved a few turtle lives in my day, stopping traffic on a main road to let a turtle pass without getting squished.

    1. The same turtle who can be feisty to your dog can be nice to your cat–or to you. Much depends on how much time you give them.

    2. That’s because most of the turtles in the video are exotic turtles. I recognize that really ornate tortoise: it’s from India. Really, our own New Jersey turtles were always just the ticket for me.

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