‘Finnish Cop: “Bring a Terrorist to School”‘ (2017)

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So an “asylum seeker” in Finland goes on a one-man jihad and stabs a bunch of people; and the police chief’s solution to the problem is… honest, you won’t believe it… find a few terrorists and bring them to a school to meet the kiddies.

Finnish Cop: ‘Bring a Terrorist to School’

What in the world was he thinking? “Oh, once they see how sweet and cute our children are, they’ll quit being terrorists!” Yeah, that’ll work–terrorists never kill children, do they? Only Biggits and Haters.

It’s hard to shake the suspicion that our world is being run by mental patients.

5 comments on “‘Finnish Cop: “Bring a Terrorist to School”‘ (2017)

  1. They should be mental patients; incarcerated and out of the places where they themselves can engage in terrorism. Fasten your belt, folks, and make sure it is the belt of truth, because the lies are spreading exponentially.

  2. It goes to show how clueless these people are. A hardened terrorist isn’t going to be moved at the sight of innocent children. They may see them as a way to spread more terror, but that’s all they would see.

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