My Own Unexplained Paranormal Mystery

5 Snarky Answers To Those Popsicle Stick Riddles

Working at a furious pace, I finished writing Behold! yesterday, just before the weather turned nasty. Yup, got it all done.

So that night I sat  down to relax with a popsicle. As you can see above, they print riddles on the popsicle sticks. You have to eat the popsicle to see the answer. But for me–for this guy who had just that day finished writing a book–get a load of this question:

“What did the author say about his novel when it was finished?” (Answer: “It’s a complete mystery.”)

Whoa! How did this happen? Is that a bodacious coincidence or what? How unlikely was it that this particular popsicle stick would wind up in my hands on that particular day?

I wonder if I ought to write to the Popsicle Company. It might make a good commercial. Can I ask for Denzel Washington to play me?

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  1. Too funny! 🙂

    Hmm, I didn’t know this about Popsicle sticks — haven’t had a Popsicle since I was a kid. Now I’ll have to go get some Popsicles so I can read the sticks. Or maybe not. I never really liked Popsicles that much. Now a Charlotte Russe … oh, yes, I used to love Charlotte Russes. I wonder whether they still make them anywhere? (Oops, she’s babbling again, folks. Blame it on lack of sleep. Iggy had a bad night.)

    1. How is he this morning?
      I wanted to tell the Popsicle Co. about this wild coincidence, but they made it simply too much work to contact them.

    2. Hard to tell. He hasn’t thrown up in a couple of hours, but sometimes he can go even longer between bouts. I’ll have to wait and see how he does with lunch. He did play with his “boink” toy for a minute or two between the last two bouts, though, so I don’t think this is one of his terrible days. Just something I’ve learned to live with — and to be grateful for still having him around to be able to live with it.

    3. It isn’t hyperthyroidism. During the past two years, Iggy was tested for that, as well as for other organic problems, and he’s had X-rays and an ultrasound as well. All we can see is some thickening of the intestines. But Iggy has always had a bit of a problem. When he was a kitten, I had him back and forth to the vet repeatedly, until I finally realized that I just had a bulimic cat who would throw up once every week or two. He’s 16 now, and for the past few years I’ve considered it a good day when he throws up only once. Today is turning out to be a not-good day. In fact, he just threw up his lunch — which he hadn’t eaten much of, usually a bad sign in itself — as I began to write this reply. These days, I usually wait for 2 or 3 days before I call the vet, and most of the time he recovers on his own. But of course, he IS 16 years old….

      This is a pretty yucky discussion to be having on what started out to be a thread about Popsicles, no? 🙂

    4. None of our cats ever made it to 16. But these are family members, and we have to do whatever it takes to keep them healthy.

      Meanwhile, I have told my story to Popsicle and they’re thinking of using it.

    5. My autographed copies of your book just skyrocketed in value! 🙂 Besides that, the publicity can’t hurt.

      That is a pretty amazing coincidence.

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