‘He Hideth My Soul’

You can’t beat this combination–a beach in Hawaii, a classic hymn by Fanny Crosby, and students from Fountainview Academy to perform it: He Hideth My Soul.

As of today, I need a few dozen hymns to fill the cart with Your Favorite Hymns. So step right up, don’t be shy!

5 comments on “‘He Hideth My Soul’

  1. Here are some items for the hymn request cart:
    – For All the Saints.
    – Come, Holy Ghost.
    – I Love You Lord Today.
    – We Have Come Into This House.

    The two last ones sometimes have versions that are agonizingly slow; that’s not the way they should be sung. They don’t have to be rip-snorters, but they should be easily sung and kept time to by an ordinary congregation. I’ve heard a couple of renditions of each of them during which you could go out to the rest room at the beginning of a stanza and come back in time to sing the end of the stanza. (Sorry to be so graphic. Maybe I should have said “out to the gift shop” or “out to the water fountain” or something.)

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