NBA’s Oppressed Millionaires Confer with Pope on [barf!] ‘Social Justice’

Social justice messages each NBA player is wearing on his jersey

I nominate this for the most sickening news story of the year so far!

Five players from the America-hating National Basketball Assn. traveled to the Vatican for a face-to-face chat the Red Pope, Francis I… about the–ahem!–“work” they’re doing for Social Justice ( Quick! Someone hand me a barf bag!

What was the average personal income of the six oppressed millionaires around that table? And don’t insult our intelligence by saying that the Pope doesn’t get paid. You should be so underpaid.

Supposedly the Pope’s secretary “reached out” to the NBA when he heard about the players’ devotion to Social Justice. You know: justice stuff like letting violent criminals go free to prey upon the undefended public, defunding the police, free college tuition, purge trials, daily riots.

Pope Francis is a communist. He thinks there should be no more private property. The NBA players think there should be no more of your private property.

Oh, the world groans! Isn’t it bad enough to be oppressed, without being oppressed by idiots and hypocrites! We know the world is full of sinners–but why do so many of them have to be such boring sinners, saying the same old garbage over and over again?

The quicker the NBA goes out of business, the better.

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  1. Pro sports has damaged its own reputation in the last few years. When I was a kid, I worked in a gas station and several NFL players lived nearby. These were well paid players, but they tended to live modestly and the once that came in for gas acted no differently than any other customer from that neighborhood. They might have a fairly nice car, but there was no conspicuous consumption.

    In the decades since, sports figures have become objects of worship, by some. Their pay has skyrocketed and many live lives far beyond any middle class existence. Really, such persons should count their blessings and quit complaining. Life is tough for many people and I wish prosperity and happiness for all, but no matter what, there will always be people who don’t do as well as others. Instead of protesting, how about offering positive examples and inspiring them to keep working for their own betterment?

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