Cashing In! Pelosi Buys $25 Million Mansion–in Florida


Gubbermint been bery, bery good to me!  –Nancy Pelosi (and every other Democrat)

Avast, you peasants! Make way for Madame Nancy Pelosi, America’s answer to Marie Antoinette!

The Squeaker of the House has just laid down $25 million for a mansion in Florida. Will she keep her digs in California, or sell those off and move permanently to Florida?

Is it too late for Floridians to get up a petition to keep her out?

Look at this place. Man, being The Party Of The Little Guy is good business! Just look at all of ’em. Obama’s pad on Martha’s Vineyard. Algore using more electricity for his own house than is used by whole towns. John Kerry’s yacht that he sold in New Zealand to avoid the U.S. taxes. Hoot, mon, it’s a living!

Our ruling class… just another mass of parasites.

Rated PG for… ‘Historical Smoking’

See the source image

What with movies wallowing in every sexual perversion known to a fallen world, in violence, crime, atheism, cynicism, and New Age twaddle, what do you have to show to get a PG rating?


Fap! Why, that Sherlock Holmes is no better than the criminals he catches! He smokes a pipe!

And this from the “Legalize Recreational Marijuana” crowd.

If smoking had been the worst thing the Kennedys ever did, they’d’ve been saints instead of politicians.


No Lockdown for the Elites

Just Tell 'Em Joe Sent ME - Jean's Playhouse

Paris is locked down, but good–but not for the rich and famous.

They go to “secret restaurants” where none of King COVID’s rules apply, spending up to 490 euros apiece (that’s $580 in American money) to enjoy a good chow-down (

They don’t wear masks, they don’t bother with Social Distancing, they kiss, they laugh–I think they’re laughing at us peasants. Marie Antoinette, call your office.

And for some unfathomable reason, after repeatedly breaking lockdown rules, the rich and beautiful offenders are not dropping off like flies. But they will be prosecuted for disobeying The Government, say junior officials who have no meaningful authority.

Some of these underground restaurants are literally underground. All the better to hide Gavin Newsom. Maybe if he promised to stay there, we could look the other way.

NJ Gov Breaks His Own Rules

Gov. Murphy and his family were harassed by protestors while eating at a restaurant.

What happened to “keep your mask on between bites”? Oh, of course–that doesn’t apply to Democrat politicians.

Here we go again!

Shortly after announcing that he was issuing an executive order (we quote) “RETIGHTENING restrictions” on family gatherings, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was filmed dining out, maskless, indoors, with his family ( Other diners called him out on it. Their language was somewhat colorful.

Well, we knew that, didn’t we–“Face masks for thee, but not for me! Social distancing for thee, but not for me! Indoor family dining-out for me, but not for thee!”

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Once you show that you can steal an election and get away with it, you can do any damned thing you please.

Our “leaders,” our masters, behave like they don’t believe a single word of what they’re selling us. They want us to think COVID-19 is the deadliest disease the world has ever known–unless you’re taking part in a riot, or just happen to be a “leader” yourself. Then the virus can’t touch you.

They’re not afraid of the virus. And if they’re not, why should we?

The Howell Township police chief, by the way, took the opportunity to say that he would not enforce any of the “draconian” restrictions handed down by the governor. He’s not the only police chief who’s said that.

Our country is being attacked from within by the Democrat Party.

Hypocrites all.

NBA’s Oppressed Millionaires Confer with Pope on [barf!] ‘Social Justice’

Social justice messages each NBA player is wearing on his jersey

I nominate this for the most sickening news story of the year so far!

Five players from the America-hating National Basketball Assn. traveled to the Vatican for a face-to-face chat the Red Pope, Francis I… about the–ahem!–“work” they’re doing for Social Justice ( Quick! Someone hand me a barf bag!

What was the average personal income of the six oppressed millionaires around that table? And don’t insult our intelligence by saying that the Pope doesn’t get paid. You should be so underpaid.

Supposedly the Pope’s secretary “reached out” to the NBA when he heard about the players’ devotion to Social Justice. You know: justice stuff like letting violent criminals go free to prey upon the undefended public, defunding the police, free college tuition, purge trials, daily riots.

Pope Francis is a communist. He thinks there should be no more private property. The NBA players think there should be no more of your private property.

Oh, the world groans! Isn’t it bad enough to be oppressed, without being oppressed by idiots and hypocrites! We know the world is full of sinners–but why do so many of them have to be such boring sinners, saying the same old garbage over and over again?

The quicker the NBA goes out of business, the better.

‘They Still Want You to Eat Bugs’ (2017)

Image result for images of people eating insects

After you, Michelle!

The babbling boobs on the Left are always trying to get normal people to eat bugs–although we know the last thing in the world that we’ll ever see would be Michelle Obama chowing down on a bowl of palmetto bugs.

They Still Want You to Eat Bugs

Why do they want us to eat insects?

But that’s simple! So they can laugh at us, of course. And smirk at us.

I hope that in his second term, President Trump gets us out of the U.N.

Let them eat the bugs.