‘To a Better You’ (2013)

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Wouldn’t it be fantastically wonderful if the game of chess could be turned into rigorous physical exercise?

To a Better You (Ugh)

I realize now that you could do this with a multitude of otherwise sedentary pastimes–knitting, reading, watching a movie, etc., etc. Just make them hideously hard! Knit with thick rubber tubing instead of yarn. Hop around on one foot while reading from a book attached to a large concrete block. You gert the idea.

One drawback, though–

Imagine if you wind up with a Worse You instead of a Better You.

4 comments on “‘To a Better You’ (2013)

  1. This is what happens when you outlaw old-fashioned playgrounds where kids can just run around, hang from monkey bars, play tricks on swings, go up and down slides, chase each other, fall down and get up again, and all the other things kids used to do in the old days, all the while shrieking with laughter.

  2. We’ve gone from be all we can be to respect the common denominator – or else. And then there’s the issue of insurance…

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