A Few Minutes in a Public School

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I was substitute teaching at a public school, fourth or fifth grade, sometime back in the 1990s; and the regular teacher had left an assignment for the kiddies: write a brief little essay on “My Favorite Movie.”

Almost all the children wrote that their favorite movie was Bride of Chucky, a slasher movie about horribly ugly dolls that kill people.

I was surprised. I would’ve thought these kids were too young to be allowed into the theater to see Bride of Chucky, and I couldn’t imagine any parent taking his 9 or 10-year-old to see it.

Bigger surprise: None of these kids had actually seen the movie–just the ads on TV. So this was their favorite movie even though they hadn’t seen it and probably wouldn’t.

Honk if you think our popular culture has gotten any better since then.

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  1. Just kids being the product of their parents…until they become their parents. What’s worse than “worse”?

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