Mr. Nature: The Flying Lemur

Jambo! Mr. Nature here with more of God’s stuff, which is thousands of times better than man’s stuff and always works (as opposed to our freakin’ computers!). Today our safari takes us to Indonesia and the Philippines to meet the colugo, aka “the flying lemur.”

It isn’t really a lemur, although it seems to be more closely related to lemurs than to anything else. It’s sort of a primate, but not quite a primate. In other words, zoologists really don’t know where to put this creature.

But if you put it up a tree, it can easily glide to another tree 100 yards away. Kinda of like a flying squirrel, only bigger–two to four pounds.

And now I have to duck out of here before the computer blows up or something.

3 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Flying Lemur

  1. This one has the taxonomists puzzled. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It’s a created kind, perhaps similar to Lemurs, but still distinct.

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