Here’s Why God Is Mad at Us

Toxic waste facts and information

Our popular culture–a toxic dump

A publicist has invited me to read and review an “important LGBT+ and bilingual children’s story” about a “shy young boy” whose only friend is a doll… And I won’t mention the title, or name the author, because I might inadvertently cause a copy of this book to be sold–and my conscience won’t stand that.

Culture rot like this is why God afflicts us with Democrats. Once upon a time it was locusts. Then Huns. We never seem to get the message.

And oh boy! This book is a twofer! Not only LGBT+: you also get “families of color.”

This filth oozes into our culture… and we let it. We’re afraid of being called Haters & Biggits & Racists, so we don’t fight, we don’t speak out, we don’t refuse to go along. We sit there like mummified turnips as they sue people to force them to take part in same-sex parodies of marriage. We send tens of millions of our children to public schools to be “educated” by communist culture-killing teachers’ unions. We fund useless and anti-Christian colleges and universities to the tune of billions of dollars a year. When these people who hate us feel like putting us down, we hand them a sword.

We have not stood by God or by His law; so we should expect Him to stand by us? If you were God, would you stand by a people who tolerated Drag Queen Story Hour?

O Lord have mercy on us for Jesus’ sake!

It’s the only plea we can make.


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  1. I fully agree, and I could go even further, but there is no need. We have more than enough shame to
    deal with. We need to cry out for mercy, search our hearts to see what we need to repent and pray that God will intervene even though we do not deserve it. In fact we do not deserve any of the gifts of God, it is only His mercy that has brought us this far.

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