All Aboard! 8 States Join Texas’ Election Lawsuit

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It’s illegal and unconstitutional for anyone but a state legislature to change a state’s election laws; but four states (Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin) changed their laws, this year, without their legislatures’ consent. And Texas sued them for it yesterday.

Since then eight more states have joined the suit on Texas’ side–Louisiana, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and South Dakota ( Don’t be surprised if more states hop aboard before the train leaves the station.

The lawsuit’s going directly to the U.S. Supreme Court because, in allowing drastic changes to be made by governors, judges, secretaries of state–practically everybody but the legislature!–those four states violated the Constitution. And by doing that, they cheapened the votes cast by citizens of states that didn’t ignore the Constitution.

The more states who join the lawsuit, the harder it will be for the Supreme Court not to take the case.

And how can the four defendant states argue that they didn’t do an end run around the legislatures? That’s exactly what they did.

And they did it to put their Democrat stooge Joe Biden in the White House. They were willing to destroy the constitutional basis of our republic if that’s what it took to gain them power over our country.

Historically, this kind of crime got you the death penalty. Just sayin’.

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  1. This lawsuit looks promising. Rather it’s the thing that turns this thing around I don’t know, but I believe that turnaround is coming.

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