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Now It’s Denver: Turds on the Sidewalk

“When you’re alone and life is makin’ you lonely, you can always go–downtown!” Just remember to wear galoshes.

If you’ve been thinking it’s only San Francisco that does that thing with the human feces on the sidewalk, think again. Now it’s Denver, too (https://denver.cbslocal.com/2019/11/08/feces-prostitutes-needles-jawaid-bazyar-curtis-street-business/).

A Denver businessman has been fined by the city for not cleaning up the feces outside his store: we suppose he can be thankful they’re on the outside, not the inside. He says it’s the city that’s not enforcing the law against taking a dump on a public sidewalk (and who ever dreamed we’d ever need such a law?), so why should he go out and provide unpaid public sanitation every day? A municipal judge will soon decide who’s got to do it.

We must ask: Can people literally not see what government by liberals does to the places they govern? Do they think what happened to Venezuela was an accident? Do they think it’s the natural order of things, to have to wear galoshes whenever you have to go downtown? Why in the world is the Democrat Party still in business?

Honk if you like what they’ve done to San Francisco and Denver and can hardly wait for them to do it to your city.

Culture Rot T-Shirt

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Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this picture; but that’s what they had on amazon.com, to sell this product. “Daddy’s Little Slut” t-shirt. Pure, undiluted culture rot.

Amazon has removed the shirt from its site, since the public found out about it and objected rather strenuously (https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/amazon-daddys-little-slut-tshirt).

Now, I don’t have to convince anybody this was bad, do I? Well, maybe I do, or the shirt wouldn’t have been up there in the first place. What kind of moral imbecile produces or buys a thing like this?

We can’t keep doing things like this to our culture. If we do, we’ll kill it; and it will take us down with it. There is a reason we have no record of any civilization founded on total sexual anarchy. If such a thing ever existed at all, it didn’t last long enough to leave a record.

We didn’t get into this mess by following God’s Word.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 7 (‘The March of Lunacy’)

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Is there a state that’s short a governor?

I keep asking myself how long this crazy stuff can go on; and I don’t know the answer.

The March of Lunacy

Why do we have a “transgender” movement? Was there some kind of demand for it? Really? Why do you get kicked out of your job for saying only women can give birth to babies?

Why does the government tell you how many points your high school football team’s allowed to score? Why does the governor of New York insist there were no hurricanes until we came along with our SUVs and created Climate Change?

Who thinks it’s a good idea to keep the crazies in the driver’s seat?

‘People Control’ (2012)

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Seven years since I wrote this, and I still don’t believe any of the conspiracy theories that have grown up around the Sandy Hook shooting. But by now we have a pattern: every time there is one of these incidents, the question that occupies our big shots is how to gain more government control over people.


Of course there are shootings. That’s our culture killing us back, in response to all we’ve done to it. And we, as a nation, are not willing to stop doing those things. There are now an awful lot of people out there who like moral anarchy and will not part with it.

So we set up these “gun-free” zones whose only effect is to advertise, to potential mass shooters, easy pickings.

We didn’t get into this mess by following God’s laws.

Christ’s Church: We’re Still Here

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This thought has been much on my mind lately.

The church of Jesus Christ–not a building, not a denomination, but the fellowship of all believers who call upon His name–well, we’re still here.

Look at what they’ve thrown at us in just the past quarter-century or so. Live birth abortion. “Transgender” (a delusion). “Gay marriage.” And they want to throw us in jail if we don’t “celebrate” it. And that’s just in the Western world. Elsewhere on the planet, they’re killing Christians.

They own the unelected government, the “free and independent” nooze media, the Democrat Party, lock, stock, and barrel, plus some sizeable chunks of the GOP, the public schools, the universities, Hollywood–and all of this, in all its power and wealth and influence, is brought to bear against the Church. Celebrity power. “Science.” All thrown at the Church.

And yet they can’t close the deal.

We’re still here.

Be faithful to Christ, and He will be faithful to us. As He has been, and will be.

It drives the bad guys crazy.

What Do They Want from Boys?

Image result for Chicken Hatching From Egg

(The content is disgusting enough without my illustrating it. Look at some baby chicks instead.)

Our esteemed colleague Marcia has made a thought-provoking point.

Talk about mixed messages! On one hand we have “educators” and other self-anointed change agents doing everything they can think of to emasculate boys, even to the point of feverishly encouraging them to “transition” into girls. And drugging them if they won’t sit quietly at their desks all day.

But on the other, you have best-selling novels about young women irresistibly drawn to younghandsomefabulouslyrich men, usually devoid of body hair, who subject them to physical abuse and humiliation… which somehow constitutes a “romance”.

So which is it, feminists? Door 1 or Door 2?

Y’know what? I don’t think they know! Their position has become too incoherent for even themselves to untangle.

But really, it’s the same thing behind both doors–culture-killing foolishness. Either one is toxic. Both are evil.

Kill the culture, though, and it’ll kill you back.

‘Where’s Daddy?’ (2012)

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Weirdos all

Did we ever find out what, exactly, “attachment parenting” is? The flip side of totally negligent parenting, maybe.


In the unnatural freak weirdo culture that The Smartest People In The World are building for us, there are no fathers, only sperm donors.

I wonder if I’m old enough to see a world with no men, no women.

But I don’t think God will let the servants of Satan unmake His creation.

The ‘Gender’ Nightmare, 2011

Image result for image of gender unicorn

Yep–it came to America, all right. Lucky us.

When I wrote this article for Chalcedon in 2011, a few of my colleagues refused to believe that any such things could ever happen in America. I wish I had been wrong instead of they.


The article focused on what was then a new handbook intended for use by the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, dedicated to weeding out “gender conformity”–like that was bad or something. The depth of inanity and foolishness in that document was truly profound. “Two-spirit persons…” Feh.

The article also contained a link to a video of “gender instruction” in a California public school, with a captive audience of kindergarten children being “taught” by a big fat mutant. It wasn’t that such things couldn’t happen in America. By 2011 they already were happening.

This is culture-killing. Be warned: kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

A Lesson in Lunacy

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So Mattel is gonna make “gender-neutral dolls,” for all those “gender fluid” kids out there–they’ve consulted “experts” in “gender identity”…(https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/mattels-new-gender-neutral-dolls-can-be-a-boy-girl-both-or-neither/ar-AAHRR4c)

Sorry for all the quotation marks! But how else can I write about this s***? It’s not real. It’s not sane.

Mattel makes Barbie dolls. Now it makes “Creatable World” dolls, whose “gender” can go back and forth.  Wait a minute! How do they do that? Do these dolls have little parts that snap off or snap back on…?

No! Because what these babbling idiots at Mattel are teaching kids is that “gender” is just all this stuff on the outside. Kind of like everything relevant about Barbie is all on the outside.

In left-wing ideology, you are nothing but the sum of your external characteristics!

Just like these flippin’ dolls.

Mattel says the doll “can be a boy or girl or neither.” But there is no “neither.” Ask any chromosome.

Again we ask: How much of this madness can one civilization absorb before it blows up?

And why are we trying so hard to find out?

‘Bible Stories Without God’

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This is one of those Mene, Mene, Tekel moments that make you wonder if our whole civilization is headed for the landfill of history.

A publicist has invited me to review a book that will surely land its author in Hell–and probably him, too, if he doesn’t repent, big-time. It’s all about “re-imagining” the Bible. Whenever you hear that word “re-imagining,” turn around and go the other way.

“Re-imagining” means you take something that has meaning, fold-bend-spindle and mutilate it to give it an entirely different meaning that suits your purpose, and then tell the public that your new, improved version is what it was “really” supposed to mean all along.

In this case we have “Re-telling Bible stories without an angry God.” Swell idea. But see, kicking God out of the Bible makes it possible, babbles the publicist, to give the stories “a connection” to this lamentable 21st century. It also means the characters in the “stories” can do anything they want without having to account to an immutably righteous ultimate authority.

That’s how we wind up with–oh, let this one line suffice: “Young gay lovers seeking refuge in the sanctuary cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

The author, we are told is “a pastor.” Really? A pastor who vomits out this abominable filth? Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

I will not mention the title of this satanic piece of garbage, nor the author’s name, nor even the name of the publicist.  Jesus Christ Himself has warned them.

“And if any man shall take away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life…” (Revelation 22:19)

Go ahead, chuckles–take God out of the Scriptures. But don’t say He didn’t warn you.

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