Our Leaders Have Deserted Us

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Well, now what do we do?

I don’t know. The Supreme Court has refused to hear Texas’ lawsuit against the four states who illegally changed their election laws at the last minute to help Doddering Joe Biden. If the Supreme Court is not going to adjudicate disputes between states, then what is it for?

All three justices appointed by President Trump–all three whom we defended, stuck up for, prayed for, fought for–Gorsich, Kavanagh, and Barrett–all three betrayed us. All three.

I guess God’s mad at us. I want to pray, but I don’t know what to say. If you were God, would you stand by a nation that expanded “abortion rights” to the moment the baby’s being born? Would you help a nation that came up with Drag Queen Story Hour? His anger is righteous and just: we have sinned.

But all week long the stink of defeat was in the air. The Texas lawsuit should have been a slam dunk–so what torpedoed it? Was it fear of riots? Well, that’s a helluva way to run a republic: whoever stages the biggest riots gets to rule the country. Was it fear of what the Democrats would do to them–and there’s practically nothing that they wouldn’t do, for power. Or was it just a case of “Ah, why bother? We kinda like the Swamp just the way it is! No one comes out of government poor!”

The Republican establishment likes the Swamp, too. A lot more than it ever liked our president.

And way to go, Attorney General Barr! You said all the right things; but at the same time, you dragged your feet like a master, ensuring that all the probes into Democrat wrongdoing are going to dry up and blow away.

Reader, if you’re under 50 years old, you’ve never seen a big-name Democrat packed off to federal prison for bodacious lawbreaking. It doesn’t happen. And Mr. Barr has seen to it that it never will.

So I don’t know what to do. I remain loyal to President Trump. The election that took him out was a fraud, and stands a good chance of permanently destroying our republic.

One thing I’m sure we shouldn’t do, should never do. We should never, never, never agree that there was anything about this election that was not corrupt, fraudulent, false, and criminal. We should never agree that Doddering Joe or any of his little socialist henchmen has any right to occupy office, and certainly no right to govern us. Whatever we can do to oppose them, we should do. They are nothing but thieves, and they stole our country out from under us.

And I will never, never, never believe that a majority of the American people actually voted for the Far Left enterprise that is the Democrats. The majority voted for President Trump. The Democrats used corrupt practices to manufacture a false consent of the governed. They have no true consent and we must never lose a chance to proclaim that.

They have no right to govern us.

And please don’t insult me with “Yeahbut, yeahbut, the Supreme Court–!” Except for Justices Thomas and Alito, the Supreme Court is a pack of lying cowards playing politics, devoid of common sense, devoid of morality, devoid of gratitude.

And who’s to say we don’t deserve them?

7 comments on “Our Leaders Have Deserted Us

  1. The conservative Justices in the Supreme Court, aside from two of them, don’t seem to realize that if Biden were to win he would pack the court rendering them irrelevant. I’m disappointed in the Supreme Court and I’m disappointed in Barr. But as I said before my hope is not in them, my hope is a higher power.

    I would say don’t give up no matter what it looks like. God likes to work in the impossible because that’s when He gets the full glory. I firmly believe our Red Sea moment is fast approaching and these next two weeks will be telling. Keep the faith!

  2. During the week after Election Theft Night, when hardly any Republicans stepped forward to protest the fraud and support President Trump, I kept remembering some lines from G.K. Chesterton’s novel “The Return of Don Quixote.” A little background: A group of upper-class people has asked the local Lord’s librarian (pardon the alliteration) to research and write a play for the medieval pageant that they’re putting on. He does so, and the people he’s written the play for get so carried away by the play and its background that they actually re-create a sort of medieval society in the county and put the librarian in charge as ruler. But he keeps going on with his research and discovers that the Lord really has no legal claim to his title or lands because of some shady land-grab in the past, and others in the county have similar problems with their holdings. In other words, he’s about to drain the Swamp. So they rebel, toss him out, and try to bury the deeds he’s uncovered so they can go back to their old ways. As he leaves, he recites the lines he gave to the King in his play:

    “Men easily endure an unjust master,
    But a just master no men will endure.
    His nobles shall rise up, his knights betray him,
    And he ride forth, as I ride forth, alone.”

    These lines keep running through my head as we prepare to be sucked back into the swamp, maybe forever.

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