The Cat Brings Home a Friend

This is one of the stranger things I’ve seen lately. We are told that this is a wild rabbit that the can brought into the house via the pet door. Huh? The two animals adjourn to the living room and play together. At least it looks like playing.

My mother was always dead set against bringing wild animals into the house. They might have germs or parasites. I guess that’s why she made such a scene about my possum when we found it in my bedroom. Probably she would’ve hit the ceiling just as hard over a wild bunny.

I really wonder how this cat-and-bunny story turned out.

3 comments on “The Cat Brings Home a Friend

  1. Well, the bunny isn’t trying to escape, so it must be a game. Besides, the cat’s tail is only swaying at the tip, not lashing back and forth as it would in a hunt or battle. I’m also assuming that whoever is filming this is keeping tabs on the activity.

    1. I wonder how the bunny actually came in through the pet door. The baby bunnies around our place were very tame and sociable, but I think they would’ve drawn the line at coming indoors to play with our cats.

  2. Very strange. I have seen some amazing animal antics of late and it leaves me wondering if something extraordinary is happening. There is a couple in Penza, Russia that live with a Cougar in their home. They’ve had him for years and he has never shown even a hint of aggressive behavior. He’s better behaved than most house cats. You can find him on YouTube, under I_AM_PUMA. To me, it’s unbelievable that a cougar could be trained, but he obviously is.

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