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Cats & Bunnies: Friends

While we’re waiting for the Lord to restore Creation so that the lion and the lamb can lie down together, we can get a foretaste of it just by watching cats and rabbits, predators and prey, playing together, cuddling, grooming each other, and having an all-around good time. You can see the bunnies are positively terrified of the bloodthirsty hunters… or not.

Dogs & Bunnies: The Obstreporation

Betcha never thought you were ever gonna see that word in a headline, eh? But obstreporation is sort of what these dogs and bunnies do, once they get going.

Wait a minute. Dogs chase rabbits so they can eat them. Rabbits run away from dogs because they’re terrified of being eaten. But that’s not what’s going on here, is it?

Another glimpse into the Peaceable Kingdom, when it’s ready for us…

Sanity Break: Kittens and Bunnies

My car’s in the shop, probably for the whole week, with a monster repair bill at the end of it, it’s still raining, and… and… and–

Bunnies and kittens!

God keeps giving us these little glimpses of what He has in store for us, once He finishes repairing all the damage: and it is very, very good.

This is one of those glimpses.

The Peaceable Kingdom… of Cats & Bunnies

I found this video very soothing. Who knew cats and rabbits could be friends? In the wild, everybody eats rabbits. Cats would, if they were big enough. But put ’em under a roof, and it’s cozy-cuddly time.

I think God is trying to show us something here–don’t you?

Snuggling Dog and Bunny

I’m sure I’ve heard it said somewhere that dogs eat rabbits and rabbits run away from dogs. But I don’t think these two have heard it. All right, it’s obvious the poor dog wants to take a nap, he doesn’t feel like chasing anything. But does he have to let the bunny snuggle him all over? You’d think the bunny loves the dog. And maybe he does.

Rollickin’ Rabbits

I’ve never had a pet rabbit–look what I’ve been missing! *sigh* My cats will have to do.

I think somebody told me once that you shouldn’t give pet bunnies baths or showers. The one getting showered in this video seems to be bearing up very well. Really, though, some animals do a very good job of grooming themselves and grooming each other. We need not interfere.

Although all bets are off when your dog rolls in something rotten.

Now! Cats & Bunnies

You should see all the stinkin’ nooze I chose not to cover today! Don’t worry, we’ll never run out. Meanwhile, something quite a bit more wholesome–!

We gave you dogs and bunnies a couple days ago, so today it’s cats and bunnies. Quintessential carnivore meets quintessential (holy moley, I used it twice in one sentence!) prey animal… and nobody gets eaten. Lots of play and cuddling. Watch it as many times as you please!

Dogs & Bunnies: Who Knew?

(Crikey, there’s such low readership today! Wish I knew why.)

Someday the lion and the lamb will lie down together. In the meantime, dogs and bunnies can play and cuddle together.

Who would’ve thought it? Like, dogs eat rabbits, right? Maybe we’re getting a glimpse into what God has in store for His whole creation.

Bunnies & Dogs (and No One Gets Eaten)

I can easily imagine my mother’s horrified outburst at walking into the dining room and finding the rabbit and the dog on the table.

It’s extraordinary, though, that dogs and bunnies can play together without the bunny getting eaten. It’s because animals are smart enough to learn ways of life that owe nothing to their supposed “instincts”–if there even is such a thing, which I’m beginning to doubt. The only thing typical about animals is the ease with which they break out of typical.

Outlandish Rituals Involving Bunnies

Gotcha with that headline, didn’t I? Sorry, but I didn’t know what to call this video. It is about bunnies, though–that much is accurate.

Little-known Fact: “Tarzan of the Apes” was originally “Tarzan of the Rabbits,” but the sociological ramifications were too much for the young Edgar Rice Burroughs to deal with.

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