Cutest Baby Bunny Ever?

Well, he just might be, at that. He’s so fluffy and fuzzy, though, that I can’t tell whether his eyes are open yet–are bunnies born with their eyes closed?–and I can’t tell whether he’s grooming himself of just licking something that he’s got in his paw.

I’m sorry if the video’s a little short–you were expecting King Lear?

Sanity Break: Baby Bunnies

The nooze can wait! We’ve got baby bunnies.

Here at Chez Leester, we’ve actually had this experience. Bunny has babies in our garden, babies grow up, babies come out of the garden and hang out with you. They haven’t learned to be afraid of people.

Just a little foretaste of a thoroughly restored Creation. Probably one without The Washington Post.

Giant Bunnies at Play

This video has everything: baby Flemish Giant bunnies who sound like 1950s squeaky-dolls, a nice cat for them to play with, gorgeous purple flowers (is that a butterfly bush?), and to top it all off, a busy hummingbird.

Oh–and I saw the fox again today, trotting down the sidewalk on his way to a very important date.

A Peaceable Kingdom (Dog & Bunnies & Bird)

My wife’s dogs used to catch and eat wild rabbits; but that’s not what’s going to happen in this video. And my dog Rags used to catch and eat birds; but that’s another thing that this dog doesn’t do.

One bed, one dog, one parakeet, and a bunch of baby bunnies–and everybody’s happy.

Just a little glimpse of what the Lord has in store for us, by and by.

Bodacious Bunnies

Does a bunny ever chase his tail? I’ll bet he would, if he had the slightest hope of catching it.

We see from this video that bunnies play–just like dogs and cats. I can’t say I ever caught any of my lizards playing; and mice tend to be sober and businesslike.  But the video is rock-solid proof that bunnies have a sense of play.

P.S.–I’ll probably be late tomorrow. The computer is giving me hell.

World’s Cutest Bunnies?

Netherland dwarf bunnies–oh, my! So adorable, you could plotz.

You might find this incredible, but some scientists believe bunnies like these are distantly related to a prehistorical animal that doesn’t look bunnyish at all… the Uintatherium. That’s this fellow, here:


No, no! Not the guy in the shirt. The big one with tusks and horns. They want to put it on the rabbit family tree. Go figure.

A Fierce Bad Rabbit

Genuine False Fact! In 1884 the town of Sarcophagus, Missouri, was overrun by oversized two-legged rabbits and forced to evacuate. The rabbits then looted the bank. It has been theorized that they might have been humans disguised as rabbits.

Meanwhile, we have a bodacious rabbit right here on the video playing hob with a cat’s self-esteem…

The Family with the Rabbit

I wonder how much better I would’ve turned out if my parents had brought home a nice big bunny when I was two years old. Something cuddly. Well, I’ll never know.

But the family in this video seems to be doing just fine with their rabbit. He’s almost big enough to double as a polo pony. It’s difficult to see how even a cat or a dog could do a better job of being a pet.