Bunnies Re-Enact ‘Hamlet’

Admittedly these video vignettes don’t do a very good job presenting Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. But what do you want from a bunch of bunny rabbits? Give them an ‘A’ for effort.

This video reminds me of an unforgettable experience. I was standing outside one summer night, smoking a pipe, when several wild baby rabbits came out and started chasing each other–around me. Round and round they went: I felt like a maypole. But I didn’t dare move until they were all done with their game.

Baby Bunnies, Hollow Log

Gee, you could almost turn this into the title of one of those pretentious off-Broadway plays…

But the business at hand is sweetness, innocence, wholesomeness. Who knew bunnies got such a charge out of a hollow log? And though you’ve got three bunnies and a log that can only accommodate two, it’s not a problem for them.

Sanity Break: Sleepy Baby Bunny

Just as a reminder that it’s still God’s world, and still full of wonderful and wholesome things, here’s a baby bunny who just can’t stay awake–not while he has a loving hand for a bed.

The Peaceable Kingdom… On Your Bed

You can’t beat this–a wise and kindly dog, four baby bunnies who think the dog’s their mother, and a friendly parakeet. All they need is a benevolent iguana. And all of them cuddling on somebody’s bed. I believe this is a glimpse of what God has in store for us: “They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain” (Isaiah 11:9).

A Terribly Cute Baby Bunny

Well, hardly anybody’s here today–might as well go with a baby bunny video, what harm can it do?

Two Baby Bunnies

I could show you another riot, or some leftids cursing someone in the hospital; but I think I’ll go with soft and fluffy instead: two baby bunnies at their dinner.

One night, years ago, I was standing outside when a group of baby cottontails started chasing one another around me. Around me and around me they went, as if I were a maypole. I didn’t dare move, lest I terrify them. They might not have realized I was alive. Besides which, it was a unique privilege to be part of that game–better than serving as second base at Yankee Stadium.

Cutest Baby Bunny Ever?

Well, he just might be, at that. He’s so fluffy and fuzzy, though, that I can’t tell whether his eyes are open yet–are bunnies born with their eyes closed?–and I can’t tell whether he’s grooming himself of just licking something that he’s got in his paw.

I’m sorry if the video’s a little short–you were expecting King Lear?

Sanity Break: Baby Bunnies

The nooze can wait! We’ve got baby bunnies.

Here at Chez Leester, we’ve actually had this experience. Bunny has babies in our garden, babies grow up, babies come out of the garden and hang out with you. They haven’t learned to be afraid of people.

Just a little foretaste of a thoroughly restored Creation. Probably one without The Washington Post.

More Cats & Bunnies

Cats chasing bunnies, bunnies chasing cats, cats grooming bunnies, bunnies grooming cats–what happened to predator and prey? What’s all this… cuddling?

Just a glimpse of what will be, when God is finished refining His work.

Giant Bunnies at Play

This video has everything: baby Flemish Giant bunnies who sound like 1950s squeaky-dolls, a nice cat for them to play with, gorgeous purple flowers (is that a butterfly bush?), and to top it all off, a busy hummingbird.

Oh–and I saw the fox again today, trotting down the sidewalk on his way to a very important date.