Lest We Forget: Clinton’s Crocodile Tears

In 1996 Commerce Secretary Ron Brown’s plane crashed over somewhere in Croatia. To this day, questions remain about that.

But before there were any questions, there had to be a funeral. Watch then-president Bill Clinton (video clip from the old Rush Limbaugh TV show).

Camera off (he thinks): Yuck-yuck-yuck, I’m havin’ fun!

Camera on (he suddenly discovers): Alas, poor Yorick…!

We expect our politicians to be insincere, and they very rarely disappoint us. Clinton was a master of the art of insincerity; no one but Obama has ever outdone him at it. California Gov. Gavin Newsom could give him a run at it if he could only stop smirking.

Lesson: They’re laughing at us when they think we aren’t looking.

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