Would You Trade Freedom for One More App?

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They’ve bought America

Red China has a new app called “We Chat.” It’s gotten very popular–1.2 billion users per month.

And the government uses it for surveillance, censorship, and the arrest and punishment of dissidents (https://www.wsj.com/articles/wechat-becomes-a-powerful-surveillance-tool-everywhere-in-china-11608633003?mod=hp_lead_pos7).

They also go after your family. Gotta keep those common people down.

President Donald Trump, among the many things he’s done to protect our country from the rapacity of the Chinese Communist Party, has issued an executive order to restrain “apps” owned by Red China. The big offender there is TikTok. It’s not yet known how the order will affect users in America.

Meanwhile our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc., and every villain in the hemisphere, keep telling us Donald Trump lost the election, 80 million now-invisible Biden voters can’t be wrong, so get out of the way and let China Joe and his friends be installed as the CCP’s satraps ruling America. China Joe has already announced that his boy Hunter is now off the hook. Every crook and every viper who signs himself over to Red China will be rewarded–now that Democrats have learned how to steal a national election.

You watch. Everything that makes Red China an extra circle of Hell, they’ll bring over here.

But hey! If it means one more app on your cell phone, who needs freedom?

10 comments on “Would You Trade Freedom for One More App?

    1. I’m afraid a lot of these poor suckers just don’t know that Big Brother collects information on them every time they use the app.

      I am app-less.

    2. IMO, putting your every move on social media, such as Facebook, is about as bad an idea as exists. People have committed crimes and bragged about them on Facebook, then wondered why they got caught.

  1. VPN is the wave of the future – you cannot be tracked. Isn’t that right, Unknowable? That’s what they are telling me at AT&T. As far as Beijing Biden and Commie Harris are concerned we have Psalm 76 on our side, especially verses 7-10 “It is you who are to be feared, Who can stand before you when you are angry? From heaven you pronounced judgment, and the land feared and was quiet – when you, God, rose up to judge to save all the afflicted of the land, Surely your wrath against mankind brings you praise, and the survivors of your wrath are restrained.” God didn’t raise up Donald Trump just to have his reelection stolen by the enemy. Let us stand in faith and watch our God intervene. He is angry. When man’s policy comes against God’s prophecy, prophecy always wins. Remember how Augusta Caesar tried to create a one-world gov’t by decreeing all to go to be registered so he could keep track of everyone? A prophecy from hundreds of years before had prophesied that a Savior would be born. God has a plan for America and it does not include Joe Biden.

    1. The content of traffic can’t be intercepted using a VPN, because a VPN is basically encryption. However, it may still be possible to ascertain where you went. If you are seeking to hide your tracks, you can use a proxy, where all traffic is relayed to and from some external computer. If you have a VPN connection to that proxy, then you would be about as untraceable as possible.

      If I were going to design such a system, it would involve a subscription service to a forward proxy, as described above and a point-to-point VPN between the end user and the forward proxy. Point to point VPNs are used between businesses and the cloud services they use to host servers and storage off-site. This is a known technology and can be done fairly easily. Where that is concerned, an inexpensive piece of hardware could be used for the VPN tunnel.

      That’s what I use for my work-from-home setup. There is a VPN endpoint in my employer’s data center and the VPN endpoint in my home connects to the endpoint in the data center. The device is setup to only allow computers provisioned by my employer to connect, so it keeps the corporate network secure from someone trying to piggyback in from my home connection, It’s a pretty neat setup.

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