Let’s Start the Party!

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s Christmas Day! Christ our Savior is born! So we whoop it up.

As of this moment, we open the doors to my imaginary Victorian mansion to all who wish to attend our cyber-Christmas party. That’s me on my imaginary harpsichord. I hope somebody brings an accordion. You can’t have a polka without an accordion.

Come one, come all! They won’t let us get together for a normal Christmas, and everybody I know lives so terribly far away–but to the imagination, all distances are imaginary. So let’s get together for good cheer, good food, fun and games and singing–and who wants to join me on the porch for a good cigar, while we watch the snow come down? Don’t worry, we won’t have to shovel it.

I’ve given Crusty the butler the day off, so just open the door and announce yourself–with a comment–and come right on in. Let’s see how many of us we can can jam into our cyber-living room.

All pets are welcome, too.

9 comments on “Let’s Start the Party!

  1. Merry Christmas, everyone! So glad to be here with NO MASKS required. Thanks for the invitation, Lee! Love the music. You really know how to whoop it up. 🙂

  2. Merry Maskless Christmas, everyone! Lee, may I accompany you on my finger cymbals? Or would finger cymbals go better with Joshua’s and Jeremy’s guitars?

    The bite-sized Korean meat patties (two bites, really) are in the fridge, ready to be nibbled cold or heated up. Since they’re coated with tiny omelets, you can eat them with your fingers. I have a sweet soy dipping sauce to go with them, but you can eat them plain as well, or use your favorite condiment.

    What a great party, with no cleaning up to do afterward!

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