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‘What Child Is This?’ (Shaw Chorale)

The fallen world’s in trouble, headed straight to Hell, needs saving–

So God sent His Son. Not as a conqueror, but as a baby for whom there was no room at the inn. As an adult, He was a penniless wanderer. He was put to death in a shameful manner usually reserved for the worst criminals, although He had committed no crime.

By this His Son God saved the world.

What Child Is This?, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

By Request, ‘What Child Is This?’

Wow! Just what I needed to stir up my heart, and loosen up the ol’ tear ducts–

Requested by Joshua, sung by Josh Groban, What Child Is This?

One of my very earliest memories is of a picture, showing the stable at a distance, and the Baby lying in the manger: and you were just close enough to see the smile on the Baby Jesus’ face. How I loved that! And I am sure I couldn’t have been more than four years old, and very likely yes. How I loved that baby!

Good instincts, I guess.

Now… do I really want to cover any nooze this morning?

‘What Child Is This?’ (John Denver)

Embarrassment of riches! I’ll never get all the Christmas songs posted that I’d like to post. Oh, well–I’ll just do as many as I can.

So I hope you enjoy this one: What Child Is This?, sung by John Denver. And I’m still taking requests…

‘What Child Is This?’ (Chris Tomlin)

Getting back to the main business at hand–never mind that other news, this is the real news, the good news: Christ is come in the flesh.

This version of What Child Is This?, by Chris Tomlin, sweet and reverential, also includes guitar chord diagrams, so if you want to strum along, and have a guitar handy, you’re in business.

And please do feel free to request any Christmas hymn you want to hear!

Carol, ‘What Child is This?’

Contrary to legend, Henry VIII had nothing to do with composing this melody, which was first published in England as “Greensleeves” in 1580. Since then, Christmas lyrics have been written to celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God

This one is a very nice instrumental version.

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