‘On This Day Earth Shall Ring’ (‘Personent Hodie’)

I’m surprised no one has entered this in our Christmas Carol Contest–glorious 14th century Christmas hymn, On This Day Earth Shall Ring, more properly Personent Hodie, sung here by the Mount Holyoke College Vespers. We sang this, long ago, in our middle school Christmas concert. Before they outlawed wholesomeness.

As for the contest, the leader from the first day is still the leader with 25 views on the day it was requested… and still leading on Christmas Day itself.  So many of you haven’t entered!

And don’t forget to show up for our cyber-Christmas party…

9 comments on “‘On This Day Earth Shall Ring’ (‘Personent Hodie’)

  1. I wouldn’t miss that party for anything. Good tidings and great joy to you this day and all the coming year.
    Our joy, thank God does not depend on what is happening in the world. We are looking beyond.

  2. Lee, I’m sure you’ll regale us all with beautiful harpsichord music and then upload it for those who can’t make it to your party. (Hint hint.) By the way, is anyone bringing the marshmallows for the hot chocolate? Or are we bypassing the hot chocolate altogether in deference to Erlene’s brownies?

    1. Bring everything and anything you have a fancy for!
      As for me uploading music–well, I wouldn’t know how to do that if my life depended on it. But as it’s an imaginary harpsichord in an imaginary Victorian house, it might not be possible to upload it at all. We are wading into some of the trickier waters of fantasy.

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