Spider Man!

You know we’re starting to lose it when we talk to spiders and want to play with them. I remember the first day I suddenly realized I was actually playing with one of those little zebra jumping spiders. Starting to go round the bend, ain’t ya?

But there’s something oddly appealing about them! Just don’t ask me what it is.

5 comments on “Spider Man!

    1. These tiny spiders are very common, and the thing that sets them apart is their eyes: they can see fairly well. And they can jump.

      I admit I’m not too fond of bigger spiders.

  1. Ugh. From zero to four legs, it’s my friend. After that we part company.

    And yes, among “zero legs” I include snakes. Do me something — I think snakes are beautiful. (Lee, did you like that New Yorkish “do me something”?) 🙂

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