Cat Doesn’t Like the Weather

Oh, this brings me back! Our cat Henry didn’t like slush. I’d open the door to let him out, but when he saw what he’d be walking into, he’d go to the other door and make me open that one. Imagine his disappointment when he discovered, every time, that different doors led to the same slushy landscape. He used to blame me for this: he had a special dirty look and cross meow just for me when it wasn’t nice out.

I say the lady in this video is getting off easy.

3 comments on “Cat Doesn’t Like the Weather

  1. That reminds me of an old Robert Heinlein science fiction story (novel?), “The Door Into Summer,” which starts with a cat who goes from door to door in the house during winter, hoping that one of the doors will open into summer. The story is actually about time travel and a kind of murder (or attempted murder) mystery, but the cat is an important character binding a lot of things together. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

    I haven’t thought about that story in a long time. I wonder whether I’d still enjoy it if I managed to find it and read it again. (Can’t count on a library these days. They don’t do books much any more, and they’re all closed here anyway, with only on-demand curb service.)

  2. My parents had a cat that would seek the door to Summer. Where we lived at that time, the winters were mostly mild, but when is snowed, there was usually some wind associated with it. This cat would go to the front door and recoil in horror at the weather. Then he’d go to the back door and ask to be let out. IIRC, my parents didn’t have a litter box, so going outdoors was a necessity for the cat. Eventually, he’d run out and then want to be let in again, ASAP.

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