Have Skinwalkers Invaded Your Neighborhood?

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You can’t hardly throw a brick around YouTube lately without hitting a skinwalker video. Apparently these are turning up everywhere.

The surest way to find out whether skinwalkers are prowling around your neighborhood is to stay up all night, every night, peering out your window, and spend all day, every day, looking for wonky footprints and little bits of evil-smelling hair. Or you can simply call your local police every day and ask if they’ve gotten any skinwalker action yet.

I am not sure that the illustration given above is entirely accurate. I have heard of skinwalkers who look like TV repairmen. Others resemble crossing guards. Make sure you go door to door warning everyone in your neighborhood to be on the lookout for skinwalkers.

You can also call your Congressional representative every day to demand government action to control skinwalkers. It’s got to be every day or they won’t take you seriously.

2 comments on “Have Skinwalkers Invaded Your Neighborhood?

  1. Why do they call them skinwalkers? They walk on skin? without skin? looking for skin? celebrating skin? advertising skin lotion? too skinny? on diets? or what? This is a serious question — or set of questions. I’m too lazy to google it. And that’s about as lazy as a person can get.

    Fortunately, I’m also too lazy to call my congressmammal. So the skinwalkers will have to continue walking.

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