(*Sigh*) Ah, Christmas Tree!

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It’s time to take down our Christmas tree. It feels like we only just put it up the other day.

And of course I can’t help wondering, given all that’s happened–will we still be around for the next Christmas? Will the Democrats ban Christmas? Will America still be here? Or will they already have marred and defaced her beyond all recognition?

It’s a big job. I think I’ll have a cigar first.

Whoever’s here, please offer a prayer for Phoebe and her cat, Iggy. Most of you know what it’s like when your pet is sick. We love these little fuzzy characters–and they love us. A cat purring in your lap is a gift from God.

And pray for our country, pray hard. It may be God will hear us.

4 comments on “(*Sigh*) Ah, Christmas Tree!

  1. your tree is so beautiful, bet you have to take it down. Will pray for Phoebe and cat. As for the nation, I pray always, and for the entire world. We have so far to go to get things right–

    1. Ai-Ya! Finally done! Two solid hours of exhausting physical labor. Getting too old for this–but we can’t not have a Christmas tree.

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