First the Sham, and Now the Shame

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You may want to go back and re-read this post, “A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos.”

A Glimpse of Total Moral Chaos

First we have the sham–this intensely disturbed man who calls himself “Rachel” and insists he is a woman–and then the shame: the state of Pennsylvania appoints this wacko to be their top public health official. And the thing he does, in office, is to shove COVID-19 patients into nursing homes–a policy responsible for thousands of deaths last year–while seeing to his own mother’s safety by removing her from a nursing home. Miraculously, he got away with that.

First we have the sham of a Joe Biden presidency–you don’t really believe 80 million people voted for this jongo and then disappeared, do you? A fake president backed up by fake news. And then we have the shame of him announcing his selection of “Rachel Levine” as his assistant secretary of health.

Adding to the shame, we’ll have a multitude of noozies, in virtual unanimity, calling this he a “she” and never, ever mentioning how he winkled his mother out of a nursing home while letting everybody else’s mother take her chances. And we’ll all be expected to share in the shame by pretending he really is a woman when we know he isn’t. How do you keep your self-respect when bullies force you to say things you know are lies?

First the sham, then the shame. That will be the entire Biden “presidency.”

God help us.

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  1. Yes, and I think it is even worse than 1984. We have seen nothing yet. Without wholesale repentance of the people of this nation, beginning with Christians first, then God has no intention of helping us until we do.

  2. The chaos going on in Washington this week is more spiritual than physical. It’s almost as if — no, scratch the “almost,” and even the “it’s as if,” and let’s start over: They’re pushing in our faces, over and over, the fact that they’re in control now and they’re not only going to destroy us but also going to make us accept our destruction as a good. For those who won’t accept it as a good, there will always be the “de-programming” and “detention” sites. And note that we won’t even have to object in order to be de-programmed. We’ll just have to refuse to celebrate the destruction. Or be discovered to have objected in the past. Or to have associated with someone who objected. Or….

    I’m not just fearmongering with “what ifs.” These threats have already been voiced by politicians and MSM commentators alike. And the de-platforming, firing, refusing to hire, boycotting, attitude vetting, and other forms of silencing have already begun in corporations, government, and even the military.

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.
    Arbeit Macht Frei (the slogan that will be over the gate to the detention centers).

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