At Least This Slob Got Fired

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No, I will not post an image of a lewd text message. Here’s a nice bluebird instead.

No institution in our country is immune from culture rot. Baseball, for instance…

The New York Mets have fired their general manager for incessantly harassing a female sports reporter with lewd and salacious text messages, including “vulgar photos” ( The woman came to America from another country because she wanted to be a baseball reporter. She has since gone back home and given up her career–anything to get away from this Anthony Wiener wannabe.

Let’s hear it for our national character.

Since 2016 the guilty party peppered her with “graphic, uninvited text messages.”

He has confessed to “an error in judgment.”

How can you make the same error in judgment a thousand times? Uh, like, what you say and do reveals your personality. We salute the Mets for canning him. If no one enforces the standards, then a society has no standards.

But once you get around to stealing a presidential election, is there any crime, any moral turpitude, any corrupt act, that’s off the table?

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  1. Mark Rushdoony has an article out titles “The Divided States of America” which is quite good, like all his writings. He says those who try to create community around rebellion against God’s Law will eventually go into all different directions and collapse. The church is the best example of community because we have Christ and His Word in common and we eventually go to eternal life in heaven.

  2. The Steal and surrounding circumstances leaves us open to all evil. But the Shepherd will lead us through “the valley of the shadow of death.”

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