They Keep Coming After Our Money

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Which U.S. Senator is this?

With the monkey safely installed in the White House and The Swamp back in control of Capitol Hill, you’d think the senators would stop peppering you with emails begging you to send them money–money for what, I don’t know.

I take issue with the shameless Republican senators–because I am a Republican, and I had this childlike trust that somehow Republican senators would occasionally represent me.

Well, where were they when we, the American people, needed them? Where were they when our president, Donald Trump, needed them? What would have happened, had every Republican senator objected to the voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, etc? Well, you’d have to wake up pretty early to catch Mitch McConnell doing that.

With all too few exceptions, Senate Republicans stayed on the sidelines, venturing out only to schnorr from their constituents. They were not there for us when we needed them. They let Democrats steal our country out from under us–because they have a lot more in common with those Swamp Democrats than they have with us, the poor trusting proles who elected them. And now they’re back to panhandling us!

Listen up, you dastards. If we can ever get back to having honest elections, we will freakin’ nuke you in the primaries. Kiss your Swamp goodbye.

5 comments on “They Keep Coming After Our Money

  1. What’s even worse is that some of them are still attacking Donald Trump — and his supporters. And then they expect us to pay them to do it.

    But — and pardon me for being cynical — there’s no point in trying to primary them, because (a) even in primaries, we get to vote for only candidates who’ve made it past the establishment’s money machine to get on the ballot in the first place, (b) the challenger also has to make it past the incumbent’s money machine to get enough visibility to win, and (c) there’s no longer any chance of an honest election even if we should happen to find another outsider who can make it to the general election.

    1. The state legislatures have to get rid of those Dominion voting machines that can be remotely manipulated from China.

      Your comment is the first we’ve had from any of our regulars today. It’s made me wonder if there’s a major Internet outage somewhere.

    2. It could be that people are emotionally exhausted after yesterday. I know I am. And not only from the public events, which I can’t even bring myself to name. Iggy had a terrible day yesterday, a couple of things I’d never seen before. But he seems to be pulling himself together today. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Which also impedes my commenting, since it’s hard to type with my fingers crossed. (See, I can still joke.)

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