Encore: ‘The Wind from Heaven’ Cover Art


If you missed it the first time I posted it, here’s Kirk DouPonce’s wonderful cover for Bell Mountain No. 13, The Wind from Heaven. I need to write a cover blurb, so I’m re-reading it. Summing up the whole thing in 150 words, without spoiling the plot, is trickier than you might think.

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6 comments on “Encore: ‘The Wind from Heaven’ Cover Art

  1. I’m definitely losing my altruism. If I happen to win the current comment contest (try saying that phrase five times at top speed and see what happens), I’m not going to let the runner-up take my prize just because I’ve already won twice. I want this book! 🙂

    (Yes, I know I can always buy a copy myself. Don’t spoil my dramatic moment by injecting reality into it.)

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