‘Win a Free Collidge Eddication!’ (2018)

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Washme Hall

Unless my crystal ball has stopped working, we’re soon going to hear a lot of talk about “free college education for all.” What a fabulous idea! But Fimbo College is two years ahead of the curve.

Win a Free Collidge Eddication!

This higher education is practically a guaranteed ticket to a lifetime’s unemployment! And all in return for just a thousand cereal boxtops! That and an official college degree in Gender Studies–what more could you possibly ask?

5 comments on “‘Win a Free Collidge Eddication!’ (2018)

  1. On the original post I commented that there was little difference between Fimbo College and today’s colleges and universities, but I’ll have to take that back now. Today’s colleges and universities are worse.

    1. There are a lot of things I just can’t do, most of them having to do with machines. Drive a standard shift, for instance. My father tried to teach me, and was horrified at the result. But that’s me–probably I still couldn’t do those things if I’d never gone to college. At least I’m a good political scientist… which is worth just about nothing.

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