Are We Going to be Snowed In?

Heavy Snowfall in America - YouTube

Well, here we go again–with a National Weather Service forecast of three straight days of snow, heavy at times, etc., etc. Starting tomorrow, they say: at the moment, there’s not a cloud in the sky.

So we bought some extra food, extra cigars, just in case we can’t go shopping Monday; but what I’ve learned from these melodramatic weather forecasts is to expect two or three inches of snow, followed by lots of rain. That’s what almost always happens.

If the point of these forecasts is to scare us, all right, fine–they’ve scared their audience. But aside from that, what good are forecasts that almost always turn out to be wrong? Who have they got working for the NWS, and how much is it costing us? Is it possible they really do use ouija boards to predict the weather?

I would enjoy a few inches of snow. I’d enjoy sitting by the window, watching it. Maybe catch up on my reading. I got Sir Walter Scott’s Kenilworth for Christmas: a stay-at-home snow day would be ideal for starting that.

Let’s just see if they got it right this time. I’ll keep you posted.

Note: There wasn’t much panic to be seen at the supermarket on Friday. Maybe people are having crisis fatigue.

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