What’s Up with WordPress???

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This is fantastically frustrating–not to mention mystifying!

November, December, and the first half of January–smokin’, cruisin’, setting viewership records, riding high. It’s was wonderful!

And then, in the middle of January–crash. For no detectable reason. Just crash. Drop from 500 views a day to 300, now zeroing in on 200. I don’t know why.

Some of you have WordPress blogs, and all of you know computers better than I do. Your cat knows them better than I do. If nothing I do has changed, then why does this happen? Like, the only reward I get for this is for people to read my posts. So why do they suddenly stop? Or is this another WordPress cockup, where they stop counting accurately?

In this era of out-of-control censorship, writers are understandably suspicious that they might be getting censored. I wonder what would happen if I tried to get censored on purpose…

If I disappear altogether, know ye that it was not my doing.

Mount a search party!

26 comments on “What’s Up with WordPress???

    1. I would pass along, to their “happiness engineers” (translates to the least costly help they can hire) the comments you are receiving. In my case, I can’t authenticate from mobile devices. In specific an iPad or iPhone.

    2. Believe me, I can fully sympathize. It’s the world I live in. I just spent over a month on a firewall problem and the tech support was abysmal. Finally, the guy I had, after missing appointments and delaying me, turned it over to someone that actually knew what he was doing and we had the solution relatively quickly. But I deal with support from major network-hardware suppliers and it’s gotten very bad in recent years. Most support is handled in third world countries, where they can hire people for roughly 1/8 the cost of hiring someone in the US, so there are frequently communications problems. Thankfully, some companies are beginning to source support to Costa Rica, where the language problem is much less of an issue and I find that the Costa Rican techs are very friendly and helpful.

  1. No idea. I know that I can no longer logon and comment from my iPad, which really limits my ability to comment. I also know that WordPress is seems to have exceptionally poor service, these days.

  2. My comment ability has become more difficult, the appearance of the log on has changed, and my email, another thing altogether, has done some crazy things, too. If not for my computer whiz grandson, I would probably still be shut out. sighhh. I never used to have these nutty problems.

    1. The biggest source of difficulties seems to be in authentication; logging onto WordPress. They seem to make changes in how they process authentication, and then the trouble begins. AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) is not something I work with, on a regular basis, but I know enough about it to know that WordPress is handling it poorly.

    2. I will tell you that the complexity of the IT world has led to a situation where there are a lot of people working on systems they don’t fully understand. Because of language differences, communications are hampered, and there are a lot of problems.

    3. Wow, we heard the same exact thing about the phone system back in the 1970s! It was so complicated, no one alive fully understood it.
      Fifty years later… oy-yoy-yoy!

    4. Telephony is now part of data networking. We actually simplified matters, with regard to switching. However, the complexity came back and bit us on the ankle, because of the security risks of computer software. Security has become a huge part of my job.

  3. Let’s face it Lee, not everyone agrees with you. I do empathize with and agree no one should censure because of contrary opinions and the like. I warned you back in August you were probably being over-political and needed to curb your rhetoric. But instead you just mocked me. So I don’t have anymore suggestions for you.

    1. I had the same opinions and the same politics and the same rhetoric all along, and that hasn’t changed.
      Most of the people in America are decidedly not liberals. It’s why liberal talk radio doesn’t work. Ever.

  4. My wife had multiple thousands of followers on Twitter. She tweeted that the 2020 elections were a fraud and her account was cancelled – no warning, just gone. Christians of WordPress had better have a Plan B.

  5. Do you know where most of your traffic is coming from? Social media? Search engines? Reblogs?

    A lot of conservative bloggers and websites I follow get the majority of their traffic from Facebook. Then Facebook started playing with their algorithms, preventing people from seeing conservative sites in their newsfeeds. They all saw MASSIVE drops in their traffic because of it. For those who were getting incomes from their websites and YouTube channels, it was devastating.

    1. Search engines, I think.
      It’s discouraging to work this hard and see readership suddenly plummet. Jan. 16 was the last good day I had here. The viewership didn’t taper off; it crashed.

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