Trying to Solve the Freakin’ Problem

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My mouse has been spewing out long lines of gibberish whenever I try to use a capital letter. Now it’s not doing it because I’m telling you about it.

I have just loaded a new image. All right, where’s the stream of gibberish? Ain’t there. Patty’s watching me. You are reading this. The computer waits till I’m alone.

Patty knocked a bunch of crumbs out of the keyboard. That seems to have solved the problem. I hope.

P.S.–Would you believe it? Crumbs in the keyboard! That really was the problem. Live and learn.

8 comments on “Trying to Solve the Freakin’ Problem

  1. Ah, yes, crumbs in the keyboard. That’s why you need a mouse, to eat the crumbs. Oh, wrong kind of mouse? 🙂 🙂

    Note: Do NOT attempt to have your computer mouse eat the crumbs. There will be Problems. Come to think of it, was it the villainous-looking rat in your illustration who left the crumbs there in the first place? You have to stop leaving pretzels out for the rats. They’re messy eaters.

    1. I never would’ve thought of it–crumbs in the keyboard. After Patty banged them out, the problem went away. I wish we could do that with Congress.

    1. A common problem. When I did general IT, I would buy dozens of inexpensive keyboards and gave them out freely if someone spilled a soda or got crumbs in their keyboard. Usually, I figured that most users would go through about a keyboard every 2-3 years.

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