I Still Can’t Do It

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I tried again this morning to get my wife’s car out of the snow, but could get no farther than clearing a path to her door. We’ve had freezing rain, so the snow is half-ice and very, very heavy.

We really need to get out and buy some groceries–but how? We called the cab company, but got no answer. Ditto the free senior citizens’ bus. Crikey! We don’t want to turn into a mini-Donner Party, do we? I love snow, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing: several years’ worth of snow in just one storm.

Yesterday a bunch of tenants next door dug out their cars–but where to dump the snow? Ah–behind and around everybody else’s cars.

Thank Heaven Antonio’s Restaurant delivers!

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    1. We’ve never used it, mostly because we don’t like the idea of buying meat or produce sight unseen. But it may be we’ll have to try it this time.

    1. I’m gonna take a cab to the supermarket. There’s just too much snow for me to handle. First time that’s ever happened.

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