More Snow–and Then Some

Weather contrasts: Tropical Storm Karen and Winter Storm Atlas

I’m getting it with both barrels today.

First, more snow–my fault, of course, for liking snow. I had to go to the supermarket and stock up for the week. It was still snowing when I got back, so I went outside for my cigar. Somehow that made the snow turn into heavy rain and now we have a slush storm.

And in the adjacent apartment, they’re doing some kind of major construction project, providing us in our apartment with a symphony of loud hammering, loud drilling, and lots of banging around. If you’ve ever tried to write with heavy construction noises as your background music, you’ll know what I’m up against. But Patty has it worse: she’s trying to do our taxes. It sounds like they’re testing helicopter engines in the adjacent kitchen. I was going to write my Newswithviews this afternoon: dream on.

I think I’ll just post another hymn, and then try to go back to reading Sebastian Gorka’s book, which I’m reviewing for Chalcedon.

I hope I don’t go mad. They’ve just started with the power drills again.

Our Global Warming Snow and Ice

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We’ve been trying for a week to get Patty’s car out of the ice. Unable to drive, she’s been getting cabin fever. Our neighbor, Josh, shoveled some away the other day and said he thought we might be able to move it today.

Well, I tried. The car got stuck again. I shoveled some more, and then some more–and voila! She finally broke loose. I took it around the block and parked it on the street so Patty could drive us to the supermarket.

Coming home, I suggested we park on the street again, so she could walk on the sidewalk instead of an uneven expanse of frozen snow, and then I’d return the car to our regular parking space–but no, she didn’t think we had to go to all that trouble.

It turned out that we should have. She parked the car all right, but couldn’t manage walking the terrain. She had to try to, though. I followed close behind, so I could catch her if she fell. The ice there is very tricky and I fell there the other day.

So of course she did fall, and off to the side where I couldn’t reach her. “I told you to fall backwards,” I helpfully reminded her. Getting her back on her feet, amid all that slippery ice, was no treat.

She’s going to be sore tomorrow, but she’s all right now.

I’ve loved snow all my life, but too much is too much.

When the Phone Rings at Midnight… and It’s an Idiot

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So it’s midnight last night; we’ve turned the lights out, topped off the cat food, and are about to go upstairs to bed… when the phone rings.

Now, what does it mean when the phone rings at midnight? Someone in your family has died! Or been grossly injured in an accident. Nothing good, that’s for sure. So I pick up the phone.

And it’s our town’s mayor, to tell us that it’s gonna snow tomorrow. This spawn of Cthulhu called us up at twelve o’clock at night to tell us that.

Just what you don’t need–a shot of adrenalin at bedtime.

Yeah, all right–it’s snowing right now. Coming down pretty good. But to send out a robo-call at midnight–you didn’t think the nimrod was sitting at the phone himself, did you?–is just not decent.

We are governed by idiots, and we don’t know how to get rid of them.

I Still Can’t Do It

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I tried again this morning to get my wife’s car out of the snow, but could get no farther than clearing a path to her door. We’ve had freezing rain, so the snow is half-ice and very, very heavy.

We really need to get out and buy some groceries–but how? We called the cab company, but got no answer. Ditto the free senior citizens’ bus. Crikey! We don’t want to turn into a mini-Donner Party, do we? I love snow, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing: several years’ worth of snow in just one storm.

Yesterday a bunch of tenants next door dug out their cars–but where to dump the snow? Ah–behind and around everybody else’s cars.

Thank Heaven Antonio’s Restaurant delivers!

Kowabunga! We’ve Got Snow!

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Actually what we’ve got is two or three years’ worth of snow packed into a single snowstorm. This ain’t supposed to let up till tomorrow.

My wife thinks it might wind up setting a record, but that’d take some doing. I remember one snowstorm in which I had to put on my waders to go outside. Even then, it was up to my hips. And then for some reason, on my way around to the back of our building, I slipped and fell. And forsooth–I couldn’t get up! The snow was too deep, I couldn’t get any purchase. And I wondered, “Yipes, are they gonna find my skeleton here, come spring?”

So records are hard to come by; and in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy watching the snow come down, and revel in not having to go to any stores. Finish up the blogging, smoke a cigar, watch a movie… I need a rest.

Thinking on the Job (Duh!)

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We use bottled spring water, which gets delivered to our door in five-gallon jugs. We had a delivery today.

To set the scene, it’s zero degrees out. That is, 32 degrees below freezing. So guess what water is going to do if left outside for any length of time. Go ahead, think it over.

This must be a tough question, because our water delivery man failed it. He left the jugs outside. Didn’t bother to knock on our door to let us know he was here. Just left them sitting on the grass. Patty didn’t see or hear him, and I was out on errands, so there they stayed.

If I’d been away another 15 minutes, they would’ve frozen solid and burst the jugs. And waddaya wanna bet the water company would have tried to charge me for them?

Really, is this rocket science? Is this specialized, arcane, esoteric knowledge available only to the cognoscenti? Like, dude–water freezes! That’s where ice comes from. And water expands when it freezes–did you know that?–so if you fill a jar with water and put it in the freezer, the jar will break. Try it. Consider it a scientific experiment that any jidrool can do.

Can’t anybody do their job right anymore?