Comment Contest: Let’s Make It Exciting

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I can’t believe it! Closing in on 70,000 comments, and it’s just a big ho-hum! Crikey–where is everybody?

G’day–I hope! Byron the Quokka here, with a mere 73 comments to go to reach that big milestone. Back in December, we could’ve done that in a single day. But now? Who let the air out of our tires?

We really ought to have at least 100 views by now, but uh-uh. I’m supposed to write up TV listings today. You’d think that’d pull ’em in.

The winner, the reader who posts Comment No. 70,000, gets one of those gigantic enormous stone heads from Mount Whatsit in Turkey–ideal for your front lawn. And if you already have one, you’ll win an autographed copy of His Mercy Endureth Forever.

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Seventy-three comments! Ahoy, you out there in… Mauritius! Monaco! Iceland! Brazil! Let’s hear it, eh? Let’s make this an exciting comment contest, a comment contest to remember!

15 comments on “Comment Contest: Let’s Make It Exciting

  1. Somehow, I don’t really have much to say this morning. It is snowing flakes the size of quarters outside, my sons are leaving for the city for grocery shopping, I’m sitting here with a very painful hip joint, and …oh well, you get it. I am going to sit down and read my new book and forget about the weather.

  2. I may be incommunicado myself today. I’m trying to file a lost-package claim with UPS, and their claim system — which one has to do online — seems programmed to make people give up in frustration. I’ve had to start over at least half a dozen times, not counting the places where I’ve been balked but finally found a workaround. I’ll be working at this most of the day, it seems. I’d even be tempted to give up — although it was quite a sizable purchase that went astray — except that I have another sizable purchase coming by UPS from another merchant, and if that one goes astray as well, I want to have it on record that that isn’t the first time. Grrrr.

    1. And if you think WordPress is bad, I challenge you to try UPS. (Yes, I just got frozen out of the claims process once again.)

  3. I’ve been trying to catch up on blogs I follow today, but our internet connection has been really bad. Some comments I’ve tried to leave never posted, because my connection timed out. Other pages just won’t load, or will only half load. Oddly, some will load with everything except the “like” button! I had to reload this page just to see the images and not neon green patches all of the place, and no comment box loaded at all!

    Rural internet sucks.

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