The CDC: They’re Kidding–We Hope

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This just in. I don’t want it to be true.

It seems the Center for Disease Control, confronting evidence that making everybody wear face masks hasn’t and will not do a lick of good, are pondering whether they should recommend we all wear–undies! panty hose!–across our faces, on top of two or three masks (

They’ve done “experiments on mannequins in a lab”–no testing on humans yet–and admit, grudgingly, that “double masking might impede breathing or obstruct peripheral vision.” Ya think? And so, they say, we might try “placing a sleeve made of sheer nylon hosing material around the neck and pulling it up over either cloth or medical procedure mask”… with “knots and tuckings” to make it tight.

I’m sure I’ve heard of bank robbers doing this.

They’ve gone completely loopy.

Folks, we need a new government–stat!


7 comments on “The CDC: They’re Kidding–We Hope

  1. And tiny little viruses can’t get through nylon mesh???

    I think they’re doing one of those “you’re not supposed to know about this” CIA experiments to see how many layers of what kind of cloth will effectively asphyxiate people before they realize they’ve become oxygen-deprived. (I hope I’m just being sarcastic and not accidentally blowing the whistle on something. Oh, wait, there’s a knock at the door…….

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