‘Dare to Be Nuts’ (2020)

jitka on Twitter: "this picture proves that the straight jacket napoleon  hat combo archetype is not something I imagined. it's real… "

Three years have gone by, and there are still positions in the government open to certifiable lunatics. And idiots, too!

Dare to Be Nuts

You think it can’t be done? Ha! Ask around Congress: you’ll think you’re lost in space! Some of these people would put their pants on backwards if you let them. And then there’s the administration itself!

Make sure you’ve got the papers to prove you’re crazy–and then get busy. These days there’s always room for another nut in government.

‘Minneapolis: “Defund Police” Isn’t Working’ (2020)

Minneapolis City Council Members Announce Intent To 'Dismantle' Police  Department : Live Updates: Protests For Racial Justice : NPR

Do you ever get the feeling that we’re being governed by babbling lunatics? That America, under their management, is like a gigantic chicken with its head cut off?

Minneapolis: ‘Defund Police’ Isn’t Working

Only a Democrat would even fantasize that defunding the police would make for nicer cities. Pursuing this towering slab of idiocy, their cities exploded with crime. Who would’ve thought it?

No kidding–we could actually destroy our civilization by allowing these jidrools to hold and exercise power. We could actually do it.

But please let’s not.

Down with Free Speech? Really?

New Zealand's extinct moa irreplaceable, research reveals ...

Moas are not the only things now extinct in New Zealand. Anybody seen common sense or basic sanity lately?

She may not be the prime minister of New Zealand anymore, but Jacinda Ardean has landed a cushy berth at Harvard, with opportunities to address the United Nations.

Which she did a few days ago, calling on the UN to limit or choke off free speech (https://jonathanturley.org/2023/09/20/harvards-jacinda-ardean-calls-on-the-united-nations-to-crack-down-on-free-speech-as-a-weapon-of-war/). “We cannot allow free speech to get in the way of fighting Climate Change,” she said.

I remember a time when no one but a kook would dare say he was against free speech. Even the most slobbering Democrat at least gave lip service to our most basic and least dispensable liberty.

But now they just don’t bother. Tyranny is cool. Look how great it works for China–that government has really got the power, baby!

And the beauty of it is, no government, once it’s made up its mind to curtail the people’s liberties, will ever run out of excuses to do it! If it’s not Climbit Chainge, it’s “Online Safety.”

Is New Zealand still part of what they used to call “the free world”?

Why is everybody laughing?

She Wants to Govern Your Town

Adults can throw temper tantrums and the pandemic made it worse | body+soul

All those “crazy psychiatrist” jokes turn out to be true…

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.


Scroll to the video at the bottom of the article (in case I can’t find it on YouTube) and you will see a woman… with purple hair… going full-throttle batshit in Costco, screaming at another customer because he isn’t wearing a mask. And this is Utah, fer pete’s sake! Not California.

Two more startling items of information.

The woman is running for city council in her home town. Yessireebob, give her a seat on the government! Just what we need.


She is a licensed mental health counselor.

Words fail me.

[Sorry, couldn’t find it on YouTube, you’ll need to click the link.]

Update: Found it on YouTube, after all. Here it is.

What’s This Load of ****, Now?

401,476 Crazy Stock Photos - Free & Royalty-Free Stock Photos from  Dreamstime

You’d swear they were actively trying to erase our species.

So here’s a new one: no more breast-feeding, because somehow that’s hateful or bad or something; from now on, we are to say “chestfeeding.” Because that’s inclusive. We wouldn’t want anyone thinking there are men and there are women. But everybody has a chest! (C.S. Lewis was wrong about that.)

We are expected to keep up. Every crumb of idiocy that falls from the academic table, we are expected to swallow down before it hits the floor.

Something about women seems to rub them the wrong way. Did they hate their mothers? They want to replace women with surgically mutilated men who say they’re women.

And replace the human race with… what? Artificial Intelligence?

It’s all so hard to believe; but the hardest thing to believe in is their sincerity.

It’s garbage, top to bottom.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 24 (‘Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?’)

Mr. Mayor, Grin and Bear It - Slide Show - NYTimes.com

Bloomberg on Groundhog Day–back before every day was Groundhog Day.

I, for one, am afraid of Michael Bloomberg. He’s always up to mischief, and doesn’t care–really doesn’t care–how much money he has to spend to get what he wants. And as a multi-billionaire, he has plenty of money to spend.

Who’s Afraid of Bloomberg?

Bloomberg’s international “climate group” aims at banning meat, dairy, and private car ownership by 203o. Wonderful! It’s as if there is no Bill of Rights at all, and never was! They can just do anything to us that they please.

But it’s all for our own good! We don’t know what our own good us, but we don’t have to: liberal geniuses will do all our knowing for us.

God defend us.

Is This Woman Crazy?

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen speaks ahead of meetings of G20 finance ministers and central bank chiefs in Gandhinagar in India

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says pouring money into the Ukraine War is “the single best way” to boost the global economy (https://www.breitbart.com/news/yellen-says-ukraine-aid-is-the-best-boost-for-global-economy/).

And you thought SloJo himself was the only klueless kook in this administration.

Gee, maybe we should drum up more wars, really get that ol’ global economy humming. Bomb each other’s dams, incinerate whole cities–ka-ching, ka-ching! We love the smell of napalm in the morning.

History will record this as an age of unbridled lunacy in high places.

WEF Wants Rewrite of the Bible

Yuval Noah Harari: Netanyahu could go down in history as man ...

You can’t say this villain is hiding what he wants to do.

Some things never change. The psalmist said this some 2,500 years ago: “The idols of the heathen are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands… They that make them are like unto them; so is everyone that trusteth in them” (Ps. 135: 15, 18).

What’s that–a Bible verse? Well, children, don’t get too attached to it–because The Smartest People In The World, the World Economic Forum, is thinking about replacing the real Bible with a new one “written by AI,” Artificial Intelligence. A Bible rewritten by a robot.

They’re very high on this! “AI can create new ideas; it can even write a new Bible,” gushes Yuval Harari, one of the WEF’s leading lights. Why, we could create “unified religions that are actually correct”… whatever that means. Mix ’em all up? But idiots have been doing that for centuries. Yuval needs to get out more.

But why would anyone want to do this?

Yuval ain’t bashful about his answer: “to manipulate and to control people and reshape society.”

We can’t say they’re sneaking up on us.

‘They’ll Be as Gods, All Right’ (2020)

tv/ - Television & Film » Thread #106408213

Let us never, never, never forget what was done to us–by “government”!–in the Great Pandemic of 2020 Etc.

Why did they do those things?

Here’s why.

They’ll Be as Gods, All Right

Once upon a time, if a mad tyrant declared himself a god, eventually people would get fed up and would assassinate him. But that was before we had a whole class and whole tribes of wannabe godlets running wild all over the earth. That was before the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

The problem is… they’re all Caligula. “Just call me Zeus!” (And then Zeus falls down the stairs again.)

May the true God deliver us from all the false ones.

My Newswithviews Column, April 27 (‘Why Do They Want These Things?’)

Pin on Jesus Christ

We appeal in prayer to the Lord of Life and Light: deliver us, O God!

Just to take one example–If enough people pursue (and catch) “gender reassignment,” the human race goes extinct. And yet the Democrat Party and all leftids everywhere are crying out for more and more of it.


Why Do They Want These Things?

My editor says it’s because they are convinced that by tearing down our civilization, they will wind up at the top of the pyramid, enjoying unlimited power over others.

But what about the brainless little schlubs who rejoice in this insanity? They can’t believe they’re going to rule the world–can they?

It’s a horror, and it has to stop before it stops our species.