Our Medical Establishment Dives Off the Cliff

Do Lemmings Really Commit Mass Suicide? | Britannica

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I have found it hard to bring myself to write about this; it’s very distressing news. But we have to know what we’re up against.

The American Medical Assn., the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation have asked the, ahem, “Justice” Dept. to prosecute critics who question radical gender (oh God) “medicine,” etc. (https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/3-major-american-medical-associations-want-doj-prosecute-critics-question-radical-gender-medicine). Right up the Biden DOJ’s street, that is. They have called for “swift action” to be taken.

It’s gotten so that whoever owns the keys to the jailhouse also owns the, uh, “science.”

This is just horrendous. Our medical establishment has turned into a horde of lemmings stampeding off a cliff to drown in the ocean. Or some raving lunatic driving his electric car off the cliff.

Is it really necessary to assert that this “medicine,” this gender voodoo, if practiced assiduously, would result in human extinction? Gender “medicine” makes you sterile! And that’s just the least of your worries, bunky.

Is this whole “gender” madness God’s judgment against wicked fools who have made war on His creation?

Please, Lord, remember! These things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.


My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 29 (‘The Kind of Imbeciles Who Rule the World’)

This Week' Transcript 1-12-20: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ...

Holy schiff! They booed her?

It’s a fact. We’ve let things go for way too long, we were not vigilant enough, and now government has gotten not only way too large, not only way too costly, not only way too powerful… but crazy, too.

The Kind of Imbeciles Who Rule the World

There’s this nut in Spain who thinks children should have “sexual relations whenever they want,” and our own Nancy Pelosi, who’s so far out there to the Left that even her fellow leftids boo her. And don’t forget the cannibals at the World Economic Forum.

But do I deceive myself, or are we beginning to see hairline cracks in the wall of idiotic tyranny? Is it possible that the tranny-pushers are finally nearing the end of their rope?

Pray that it’s so!

Chile’s Voters Nix Far-Left ‘Constitution’

Hey! How would you like a constitution that’s 170 pages long and includes over 100 “fundamental rights,” many of which you never heard of? A constitutional right to “free time.” “Nutritionally complete and culturally relevant food.” A right “to develop their personality, identification, and life projects.” All elected bodies must consist of at least 50% women…

Blah, blah, blah! What does some of this crapola even mean?

Well, 62% of Chile’s voters rejected it. They didn’t want it. Shoo!

I am reminded of that scene in Woody Allen’s Bananas (see above). “From now on,the official language of San Marcos is Swedish!”

We can laugh, for now. But how long would it take our own Democrats and “activists” to cook up something just as crazy?

They may already be working on it.

This’ll Work! Underground Solar Panels!

The solar panel toxic waste problem - CFACT

They’ll be even better underground!

Is there anybody in SloJo Biden’s traveling freak show who’s not an idiot, a villain, or both?

Discussing energy policy with the “president” who’d just labeled at least half the country’s population “a threat to our democracy,” the Commerce Secretary came up with a brilliant idea: “We’re going to do solar installations on an industrial scale for abandoned coal mines.” She did not specify how they would install thousands of solar panels on abandoned coal mines. If you store them on top of the mines, well, you don’t need abandoned coal mines for that, you can do that anywhere. So is she proposing to set up the solar installations underground? Like, in the mines?

It’ll be part of their, ahem, “American Rescue Plan.”

So far the only thing they’re rescuing us from is sanity.

Oh, yes–the coal mines will be abandoned because we won’t use fossil fuel anymore, Green New Deal, y’know. We will meet all our energy needs by burning money.

Maybe we should make new coal mines on top of the ground, if we’re going to put the solar panels underground.

P.S.–I have just read that used-up solar panels constitute an enormous toxic waste disposal problem.

I don’t think they’ve thought this through. Do you?

‘London Authorities Assign Christian Girl, 5, to Muslim Foster Parents’ (2017)

Image result for images of women in burqas

To this day we don’t know why “the authorities” did that. It seems “journalists” just couldn’t find out. Maybe they were busy investigating Islamophobia. Or wrong pronouns.

London Authorities Assign Christian Girl, 5, to Muslim Foster Parents

This monstrous situation was only rectified because somehow the public found out and made an uproar over it. With no help from “journalists.”

There is some indication that “the authorities” are lunatics. And our highly-paid mainstream noozies are lazy, incompetent hypocrites… but otherwise okay.

Warren: ‘If I Had a P****, I’d Be President’

For “hammer,” read “p****.”

Who let the nuts out?

Elizabeth Warren, who parleyed a fraudulent claim of Native American ancestry into a lucrative academic career, a seat in the U.S. Senate, face time galore, and even a run for president–well, let’s let her say it in her own words.

“Everyone [Everyone?] comes up to me and says, ‘I’d vote for you if you had a penis'” (https://freebeacon.com/democrats/elizabeth-warren-penis-scandal/). She has been so quoted in a forthcoming book.

Yup. Those Democrat voters refuse to vote for her because she hasn’t got a penis. Damn! She coulda gone all the way to the top… as a fake Indian.

How rife is mental illness in our ruling elites? You can’t even call this “lying,” because a liar generally has some expectation of being believed. What do you want to bet that not one person, not a single one, has ever said that to Elizabeth Warren?

Dems are scrambling around, looking for a 2024 replacement for SloJo (and Kamala won’t do, she’s brainless), trying to find a candidate who’s got 52 cards in xer deck, even if they’re all jokers.

Will this be Pocahontas Warren’s moment? Heck, one of those nuts out there is bound to land on the ballot.


My Newswithviews Column, July 21 (‘Crazier and Crazier’)

635 Straight Jacket Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

I have never in my life seen anything like the Transgender Fad. I thought the Davy Crockett craze was something, when I was a boy. But this insanity puts it in the shade.

Crazier and Crazier

Davy Crockett mania didn’t involve taking drugs or lopping off body parts.

Must we subject our country to absurd and crazy policies, carried out by fools, lunatics, and villains? And the rest of the world is hardly better off.

There’s nowhere to run to. Plant our flag and fight the battle here.


‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

See the source image

To combat make-believe Climate Change, the insane Dutch government has been ordering farmers to kill off most of their herds.

This has happened before in history, with catastrophic results.

How to End Income Inequality

The Xhosa committed national suicide because a prophet told them to. Not so different from destroying your nation’s economy to achieve **Income E*q*u*a*l*i*t*y! Not so different from Saving The Planet From The Climate Boogieman.

Do you still doubt whether our “leaders” have a hot line to Hell?

Is a ‘Liberal World Order’ Worth It?

Tomatoes Show Stock Illustrations – 43 Tomatoes Show Stock Illustrations,  Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Never mind that the damned fools shut down the Keystone Pipeline and stopped granting oil leases. According to one of President SloJo’s “advisers,” one Brian Deese, it’s worth it to pay ridiculously high gas prices that you can’t afford… in order to protect the “Liberal World Order” (https://www.newsweek.com/joe-biden-liberal-world-order-gas-oil-prices-brian-deese-viral-video-cnn-1720878). And anyhow it’s all Putin’s fault!

Deese has been getting a lot of rotten tomatoes thrown at him, and he deserves it, for saying that. Pay that $5 a gallon–or more, much more!–for “as long as it takes” to show Putin who’s boss, etc. Pipeline, schmeitline.

But don’t worry: Deese says The Regime is doing “everything in its power to blunt those price increases and bring those prices down.”

Everything but re-opening the pipeline!

Noozeweak laughs it all off as “a conspiracy theory that stipulates a secretive globalist authority [that] is seeking to control the world under a totalitarian regime…”

Secretive? They’re doing it right out in the open, and bragging about it. Deese: “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm.” “Splat!” goes another rotten tomato.

Sunshine, we don’t want any “world order” that you and your globalist playmates might devise!

May the Lord of hosts cut you down.

$@#$! No ‘Voter Tourism’ in New York City!

Dude Busts Out Insane Zelenskyy-Putin Rap at City Council Meeting, Becomes  Quite Winded

You’d laugh, too, if you didn’t know they weren’t joking.

Well, howdya like that! I was all set to travel to New York City from my home in Belarus just so I could vote Democrat in their election, and then come home again–and now I can’t! Dagnabbit!

A New York judge has struck down the City Council’s attempt to let non-citizens vote in New York elections (https://www.newsmax.com/politics/new-york-city-noncitizens-election-integrity-rnc/2022/06/27/id/1076275/). He found the scheme violated the state constitution, all the state’s election laws, and the Home Rule Law. Picky, picky!

Democrats were expected to get up to 900,000 more votes with non-citizens voting.

In the closing days of the DeBlasio administration, the City Council passed this idiocy. Mayor DeBlasio, rather notorious for not doing his job, neither signed the measure nor vetoed it; so after 30 days it was automatically passed. Republicans had to sue to get rid of it.

So here’s the question: Is there anything Democrats won’t do to win an election and acquire power? If there is, please tell us what it is. And the follow-up question: Is there anything they won’t destroy in order to control it?

America’s future will be iffy for as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.