Sparkling Gems of Idiocy (from the World Health Organization)

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Global government–it’s in the Book of Revelation

Do we want to sign over America’s sovereignty to a gaggle of lunatics?

These days the World Health Organization, which may or may not be an appendage of the Chinese Communist Party, is spearheading the drive toward global government. Gotta be safe!

Dig some of these quotes from the preamble to WHO’s constitution.

*Health is a state of complete (what?) physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity…”

Stop right there. Have you ever known anyone to whom the above description would apply? Has anybody got complete well-being?

*”Unequal development” of the world’s 200 or so nations is “a common danger.” Gee. Somehow the world’s nations are not all alike. Maybe we really do need a world government, huh? I mean, just to make ’em all alike.

*”Governments have the responsibility for the health of their peoples…” Perish the thought that your yourself, or your family, are responsible for your health. When are we gonna learn that the answer is always government?

These people are insane. Do they think they can give us “complete physical, mental and social well-being”? And what is “social well-being,” by the way? Dare we ask?

Some nations have more resources than others. But it doesn’t always come down to that. Why is Costa Rica so much more stable and prosperous than its neighbors? Could it be because they don’t waste their time and energy on revolving-door dictators, endless revolutions, firing squads, etc.? Do the wackos at WHO know how to turn every country in Central America into a clone of Costa Rica? Bad government is the chief cause of world poverty. When incompetence teams up with corruption, the people haven’t got a chance.

Could we please back off from the World Health Organization? Could we please stop paying the United Nations’ expenses?

The only world government that has any right to rule is that of Jesus Christ the King of kings.

Certainly not the UN, the European Union, or any other shabby excuse for government that this fallen world can offer.

Yes, They’re Crazy

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Our current Biden-era inflation really hurts! It’s eroding the value of our money–sort of like getting a pay cut every week.

But not to worry! Senator Chuck Schumer (D-Monster Island) has a plan. And it’s simplicity itself (

*The government should keep on spending like there’s no tomorrow.

*Raise everybody’s taxes.

*Repeal the Trump-era tax cuts.

Acting as a spokesman for the New York nitwit, a lunatic in a straitjacket said “Of course it’ll work! Inflation will stop when no one can afford to buy anything!

“Imagine the thrill,” he added, “of in effect working for nothing. Just like a slave! The government can see to your room and board, just like slaves were seen to by their owners. Whoever thought up this should get a medal–and Chuck should be president!”

‘Is It Real?’ (2015)

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Let’s see John Kerry do it first.

Here are some stories I chose not to write about on April 30, seven years ago.

Is It Real?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the nooze gives me a sense of unreality that’s very difficult to shake. I mean, is there really “transhumanism” out there–or is it just a nightmare? Are they really going to try to make us use those crazy pronouns that they just made up?

It’s very hard to believe in all this crazy schiff.

But they want us to look the other way while they do their mischief.

More ‘Sex Ed’–and More Opposition

NJ Education

I’d like to stop covering these stories, but the nooze won’t let me.

We told you, years ago, that once they got started with “comprehensive sex education,” they wouldn’t stop. They got the camel’s nose into the tent, and now they’re pushing in the hump.

The latest victim of the “educators” is the people of New Jersey, who were surprised when the state Board of Education suddenly laid a new, expanded “sex ed” curriculum on them ( The educators were surprised when people called it “outrageous.”

Mixing children with sex has become a thing for them. They push it like their lives depended on it. Now opponents of the new sex ed curriculum are demanding public hearings on it. The curriculum was planned to go into effect this fall.

But not to worry! They’ll use “gender neutral pronouns.” Don’t you feel safer already?

But hey, folks–we gave them this power. We allowed them to dig deeper and deeper into our families’ private business. Just pack little Johnny off to public school each weekday, go off to work and forget about it. And now we know that was a very bad idea.

You have to take your children out of public school–unless you really want those wackos in the teachers’ unions to sexualize your children. I mean, when they’re not busy “teaching” Critical Race Theory (did you know you’re all racists?), socialism, and all that citizen of the world baloney.

You can see now that they’re not going to stop. But they can’t do it if no one’s in the classroom.

‘We’re Low on Luxury Meats. How About Some Bugs?’ Soylent Green (DVD) : Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson, Dick Van Patten, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten, Cyril Delevanti, John Dennis, Jane Dulo, Morgan Farley, Tim Herbert, Cheri Howell, Roy Jenson, Paula

Wow. The price of beef is going up and up and up (along with everything else), and the demand for “luxury meat” is going down, down, down–because Democrats have saddled us with terrible inflation and a lot of us can’t afford stuff anymore. In case you weren’t watching, they did that by severing the Keystone Pipeline.

But not to worry! We plebs, we peasants, can still eat insects, weeds, and “lab-grown meat,” whatever that turns out to be ( My guess is Soylent Green. And Soylent Green, as Charlton Heston discovered in the movie… “is people.”

The World Economic Forum says we should eat bugs and weeds, and they should know. I mean, they’re The Smartest People In The World. Look at the spectacular job they’re doing, running things.

Who ever dreamed things could get so bad, so fast?

Can you imagine the Obamas and John Kerry watching video of us peasants chowing down on cucarachas and caterpillars and just laughing their heads off? I can.

The only thing they’ve proved so far is that the entire global ruling class must be replaced… before they kill our civilization.

P.S.–I just noticed: the story of Soylent Green is set in the year… 2022. Uh-oh.

Salem Mayor: Down with Iwo Jima Mural!

The National Pulse. – Real News and Investigations.

Hmm… It’s perfectly okay to have a colossal portrait of Greta Whatsername scowling down on the streets of America… but totally beyond the pale to memorialize an epic American victory in World War II. Honk if you understand that.

Where does Oregon breed and hatch its politicians?

Acting on the basis of “a single anonymous complaint,” the Far Left crazy who’s the current mayor of Salem has demanded that a mural depicting the flag-raising over Iwo Jima be removed ( Somehow it’s always that “anonymous complaint” that gets pieces of America canceled.

The mural is on private property, painted directly onto the wall of a building.

I do not understand the process by which one anonymous complaint can shut down anyone’s freedom, or authorize any local official to levy fines. What could be the basis of such a complaint? Who in Oregon was rooting for the Axis to win World War II?

How in the world do America-hating hoo-dads ever get elected to any public post? Is the electorate crazy, too?

I wonder what would happen to Oregon if the rest of America seceded from it and just left it to stew in its own juices. How long would it be before the whole state went belly-up–or a big chunk of it tried to secede to Idaho?

And then there’s Portland.

EU Doofus Drops Plan to Erase Christmas

No Christmas Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Far Left Crazy thinks it can do anything it wants. So here we have the EU, whose bigwigs nobody voted for, appointing another big wig “Equality Minister”–and next thing you know, she’s recommending that they erase Christmas throughout Europe (

She made a “retraction” after strong objections by the Vatican. Please don’t think this means she’s changed her so-called mind.

Oh! And she also thinks you shouldn’t be allowed to name your baby John or Mary anymore… because those are, like, Christian names or Bible names, not INCLUSIVE.

If I were a European celebrity, I would announce that henceforth I would name all my pets John or Mary. Then I’d go out and buy an ant farm. Not being a celebrity, the following is the best I can do:

What with King COVID and Climbit Chainge bullschiff, the Far Left is running wild all over the world. God’s grace has provided them with a propensity to go too far, too fast, alienating everyone but other left-wing ninnies.

And now it’s time for the whole deranged business to be stopped. No more woke, no more hoke.

If the Europeans listen to me, they’ll all leave the EU and never, ever let any of its personnel back into government in any capacity.

My Newswithviews Column, Nov. 25 (‘What We’re Getting for Our Money’)

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Okay, here it is, the satire that I promised you. Welcome to Commieland!

What We’re Getting for Our Money

See? Right there in the opening sentence, I spilled the beans. But I know that some people are going to believe it anyhow. I did try to make it as ridiculous as I could, while still maintaining a tenuous grasp on reality. But the nooze these days is so spectacularly awful, calling a theme park Commieland seems like something any public school board would be only too happy to do.

Oh–and have the FBI “investigate” us if we complain!

‘You’re Out!’ (Scottsdale, AZ, School Board President)

Group protests Critical Race Theory at Fort Worth ISD school board meeting

School boards don’t seem to be as popular as they used to be!

Remember when your local school board members were your friends and neighbors, serving the community? Hah.

The president of the school board for the Scottsdale, AZ, Unified School District, will be called upon to resign at a special meeting tonight and the board will elect another president in his place (


You might not believe this, but Board President Jann-Michael Greenberg–and his father!–stalked parents critical of the board’s actions and policies, collected private information on them, and made it publicly accessible: parents’ Social Security numbers, divorce proceedings, financial records, and even family trees. Dossiers were compiled on some 50 parents.

Greenberg blames his father. Parents, who’ve already collected some 1,400 signatures calling for Greenberg’s resignation, say they’d like to see most of the board members (“They all knew about it!”) chucked out with him. And the Scottsdale Police have mounted a criminal investigation of the incident.

Honk if you still want your kids to be “educated” by people like this.

Public education must go! Who do these doofuses think they are? And what kind of mugs are we, to let them lord it over us while they poison children’s minds with Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and socialism?

If we can’t do better than this public education system that has grown into a monster, we don’t deserve to have a republic. And in a very short time, unless things change, we won’t have one.

P.S.–Publicizing people’s Social Security numbers makes them vulnerable to many different crimes. It’s unforgiveable.

‘How to Wreck What’s Left Of Our Civilization’ (2018)

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Holy cow, what could be easier?

Just erase the countries’ borders! You’ll have Gehenna in no time!

How to Wreck What’s Left of Our Civilization

Of course, if we’re gonna have no countries, then we’ve gotta have [trumpet fanfare]… world government! Won’t that be great?

Waddaya mean, it can’t work? You must be a biggit hater racist! Why, The Smartest People In The World want global government–and they’ve even volunteered to be in charge of it!

That kind of selflessness deserves an appropriate reward.