‘Fashion Model Zombies’ (2018)

Just try focusing on the clothes.

You’ll never find more culture rot anywhere than you’ll find at a Gucci fashion show.

Fashion Model Zombies

Really–what kind of wacko would even want to watch this schiff, let alone wear any of these ugly garments? Look at that picture! A civilization that can produces such monstrosities on purpose is surely on its way out.

We have not exerted ourselves enough to defend and preserve our culture.

Behold, we know now what the alternative looks like.

4 comments on “‘Fashion Model Zombies’ (2018)

  1. It’s all a variant on “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” If you can’t appreciate the aesthetic point of what you’re seeing, you’re obviously inferior to those who can (i.e., the charlatans putting on the show). As Bunthorne says in the final chorus of one of his songs in Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Patience,” “And everyone will say / As you walk your mystic way, / ‘If this young man expresses himself / In terms too deep for me, / Why, what a very singularly deep young man / This deep young man must be.'”

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