D.C. Mayor on Weddings: ‘Standing and Dancing Not Allowed’

DjShizzymacc X No Dancing Allowed (COLLAB?!?) [FREE DL IN DESCRIPTION] by  shizzymacc #Trio

I would like to know how the human race ever survived without giving up all their liberties every time a disease said “Boo!” Why do we treat COVID as uniquely horrible?

Uh… because the people who treat it as uniquely horrible are themselves uniquely horrible?

And so the Democrat mayor of Washington, D.C.–have you noticed it’s always Democrats with the restrictions?–now says okay, you can have a wedding–“But standing and dancing receptions are not allowed” (https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/05/washington-d-c-bans-standing-dancing-at-indoor-and-outdoor-weddings/).


And the mayor went on, “Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups.”

They want to micro-manage your wedding! Give ’em time–they’ll be telling you who you can marry, and who you can’t. And what time to go to bed at night.

J’accuse! Given the history of humanity’s survival in the face of much more deadly epidemics than this, what but pure malice, and an intoxication with pure power over others, can possibly be motivating these continuing restrictions on our everyday lives?

No one’s liberty will ever be safe until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever.

‘NY School: No More Books’ (2017)

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How a civilization dies

In 2017 the nimrods running the Life Sciences Secondary School in New York City decided books were old and useless and from now on the school would go bookless–another one of those stories that made its little splash and then was heard no more, when our Free & Independent Nooze Media failed to follow it up.

NY School: No More Books

How stupid are The Smartest People In The World? Man, they show me nothin’! Do you like the way they’ve responded to the COVID crisis–which, in all probability, they created? Do you like the way they perform as caretakers of our culture?

Ruled, lorded over, governed, and educated by immoral morons…

What Is a ‘Slam Poem’?

Slam Poetry 101: An Introduction — Mud and Ink Teaching

Garbage in, garbage out

Yeesh! Now I know how Pandora felt when she opened the dadburned box–that she shouldn’t have touched!–and all the evils of the world flew out.

It turns out there really is such as thing as “slam poetry,” which got invented when I wasn’t looking. It’s poetry to be read out loud, usually by children (oh, where do I hide?) and usually is meant to display some kind of left-wing twitch somewhere in the brain. Public school “teachers” are really high on this (http://teacheroffduty.com/20-slam-poems-you-can-use-in-your-classroom-tomorrow/). They’ve even got slam competitions.

Roses are red, violets are blue/ I changed my gender, so I’m better than you!

So simple, a 12-year-old can do it.

Parents! Do you honestly, truly, want these kooks “educating” your children? What do they have to do to wake you up? Burn the building down, with the kids still in it? Would that do it?

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back. Guaranteed.



The Brearly School is a chi-chi private girls’ school in Manhattan, the elite of the elite. But it’s turned into a nest of race-hustling idiotic leftids… And here’s a father pushing back. Tucker Carlson reads his letter to the morons in charge of the school.

Suicidal liberals–they won’t be happy until they wreck America. How does anyone at all–at all!–benefit from their Critical Race Theory? How does this do anything but teach people to hate each other, hate themselves, and hate their country? And how in the world is that supposed to benefit America?

You really have to wonder what’s the matter with these people. I once saw a white teacher, in front of a classroom full of black kids, “teaching” them that all white authority is illegitimate, resist it, ignore it, blah-blah. Well, that would include his authority, too, wouldn’t it? And how long would it take the students to figure that out?

Pay $60,000 a year to send your daughter to this idiot factory?

We have to wonder what’s the matter with those parents, too.

‘How Much Worse Can It Get?’ (2017)

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Here it is–pure grinning idiocy wedded to pure evil.

I’m afraid we’ll soon find out how much worse it can get. Having stolen our country out from under us, Democrats are fanatically committed to the whole transgender mania.

How Much Worse Can It Get?

This is, of course, just plain wrong, just plain crazy, and just plain evil. Their end goal is to force us to say it isn’t. Once they can beat us into “celebrating” transgender, that’s it, we’re done.

May the Judge of all the earth deliver us. Have mercy on us, O God, for your name’s sake.

My Newswithviews Column, April 1 (‘Killing Our Culture’)

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I don’t understand why liberals want to turn America into a socialist hell-hole. Apparently the idea of governing a nation of peaceful, decent, prosperous people doesn’t appeal to them.

So they use the apparatus of America to destroy America. Our schools and “entertainment” industry, for instance:

Killing Our Culture

I still don’t understand why it’s okay for us to pay for the schools but not have any say in what gets taught there, or by whom. And for some reason we buy, er, “music” that celebrates destruction.

What’s wrong with us?

‘Moby-Dick, or The (What?) Whale’

Moby Dick by Herman Melville - Free at Loyal Books

Here’s another little chip knocked off our past: a small thing, but if the leftids keep on doing it, these small chips will add up into big ones and we’ll be cut off from our moorings and set adrift on a sea of ignorance.

When Herman Melville’s classic of American literature was published in 1851, its full title was Moby-Dick, or the White Whale. Nineteenth-century publishing was big on subtitles. But here, as you can see in the book cover reproduced above, they’ve changed the subtitle so it’s just or, The Whale.

Now I’m not going to re-read it with a score-sheet to keep track of all details added to or subtracted from the novel for the sake of political correctitude. The one change in the title itself is enough to make my point.

Melville used “the whiteness of the whale” to transform Moby-Dick into something more than an ordinary whale. This whale is different: it’s something that anyone with his head on straight will want to avoid. But Captain Ahab is obsessed with hunting it, and you know how that turned out. The narrator, Ishmael, quotes the Book of Job: “And I only am escaped to tell thee.” Moby-Dick has killed everybody else and sunk the whaling vessel.

So taking away the whiteness of the whale damages the novel–and why would they want to do that?

It’s another little bit of Cancel Culture, of course. What leftids want to do is cut us off from our past: cut us off from all thought but theirs. Like, human life never truly began until these culture commissars came along and invented everything we’re supposed to know from now on. Only what they want us to know. Only what they want us to think. Only what they want us to read.

Don’t ask me why we tolerate this; I don’t know.

We really must make them stop doing this to us.

‘Left-Wing Noozie Denounces “Bygone Era”‘ (2018)

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I just realized I’ve made a tautology. All noozies are left-wing noozies. They don’t let you out of “journalism” school, otherwise.

Left-wing Noozie Denounces ‘Bygone Era’

Yessireebob, all that stuff that we hold dear, that’s just part of a bygone era–including church, family, and our country. Leftids are here to replace it all with… what? What do they have that anybody but a villain or a moron wants?

But they’ve got possession of our culture, and they’re killing it dead.

Save us, O God.

‘Fashion Model Zombies’ (2018)

Just try focusing on the clothes.

You’ll never find more culture rot anywhere than you’ll find at a Gucci fashion show.

Fashion Model Zombies

Really–what kind of wacko would even want to watch this schiff, let alone wear any of these ugly garments? Look at that picture! A civilization that can produces such monstrosities on purpose is surely on its way out.

We have not exerted ourselves enough to defend and preserve our culture.

Behold, we know now what the alternative looks like.

‘I’m Back… but Not for Texting’ (2015)

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So they did a study and found out that a fair number of teenagers are literally addicted to text messaging–addicted as in “can’t stop.”

I’m Back… But Not for Texting

Seems a rather unsatisfying thing to get addicted to; but then heroin addicts probably have a hard time understanding how anyone can get by without heroin.

Again, this is the kind of thing we get for warehousing our children at the public schools and immersing them in “entertainment” created by warped minds.