‘So You Want Your Teen to Be Reading… This?’ (2015)

This was a “Kids’ Daily Deal” on amazon.com a few years ago, and supposedly a New York Times Best-seller.

So You Want Your Teen to be Reading… This?

Hey, let’s glamorize serial killers! They’re not all bad! There’ve gotta be some good ones, right?

And so we drift imperceptibly into situational ethics–which is a euphemism for no ethics, no moral standards, at all. Real standards don’t change from moment to moment, according to whatever’s most convenient.

There are a lot of people warning us that we’re in danger of breaking our civilization.

We should listen.

My Newswithviews Column, July 28 (‘Remaking God’s Creation’)

Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Announce Her Pronouns and Outfit in Meeting?

We are governed by idiots.

The other day I asked readers, “What do these nooze stories have in common?” Today I’m asking it on Newswithviews: what do these stories have in common?

Remaking God’s Creation

1) Crayola’s “trans man” model 2) New Orleans’ statue of a snake coiled around a naked woman 3) Rugby players forced to wear “Gay Pride” jerseys 4) Michigan nooze network reporting results of GOP primary a week before it’s held 5) Kamala Harris introducing her “preferred pronouns.”

In addition to being ridiculous, and saturated in a jejune wickedness, they all express a single theme:

These characters don’t like the way God made the world and are trying to re-make it according to their own warped vision.

And if we don’t want them to change the world–?

Pray the Lord will cut them down.

Can They Possibly Not Know What They’ve Done?

New Orleans had a statue of Robert E. Lee. They took it down, to show how virtuous they are. And just to make sure all us deplorables got the message, they replaced Lee’s statue with this…thing: a naked woman with a big serpent coiling around her body (https://www.art-insider.com/simone-leigh-sculpture-replaces-robert-e-lee-statue-in-new-orleans/).

Hello? Hello! Anybody there? I’m trying to find someone who’s read the Book of Genesis and knows about the woman and the serpent. (Not even a busy signal. Just static.)

They were to have moved this artifact a few days ago, I don’t care whether they’ve done that or not. It would have been just as questionable to let it stand for five minutes as for six months. They say it was to “celebrate” African something-or-other. But the story in Genesis is older than anything from Africa.

Enough people in America have lost their heads to put the whole nation in danger.


Victoria’s Secret Goes Woke, Goes Broke

154,779 Playful Puppy Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Never mind the models. Here are some playful puppies instead.

Not that years’ and years’ worth of advertising that stopped just short of soft-core porn ever struck me as anything but goop, but it did make Victoria’s Secret the conquering giant of the women’s lingerie market.

But then the lingerie giant decided to go Woke, replacing, um, “sexy” models with angry “activists” in undies glaring at the camera… and now they’re taking it on the chin (https://republicandaily.com/2022/07/mass-layoffs-victorias-secret-is-going-broke-after-making-the-mistake-of-going-woke/).

VS has just laid off 160 “management employees,” and last week its stock took a 4.3% hit. Sales are down. Apparently the undie-buying public doesn’t like getting glared at by activists. Nor does it seem to appreciate VS’s decision to “embrace transgender,” etc. Oddly enough–who would’ve thought it?–culture-killing has a fair number of people pushing back. Buying their undies from someone else.

I haven’t found any pictures of the new Sonny Liston-type VS models, so you’ll have to be content with something less obnoxious.

Literary Child Abuse

Look Up: Scarlet Tanager is At Home in the Forest Treetops | Lyric Wild  Bird Food

No, I will not attempt to illustrate the content of this piece of trash. Here’s a nice scarlet tanager instead.

The perky publicist has invited me to review “a picturebook for bigender children.” For a moment there I read that word as “big ender,” conjuring up a number of strange visions. But then I realized it was “bi-gender”–that is, in the words of the perky publicist who doesn’t care where she’s going to spend the afterlife, “children who are both a boy and a girl.”

The English language is not quite adequate to express the vileness of this. No, I am not going to help the bad guys by giving the title of the book or the name of the author. Suffice it to say that the perky publicist describes this character as “an award-winning educator.”

I knew it! Of course it’s an “educator”! That’s what “educators” do, these days: they groom children for sex. Sometimes it seems that’s all they do–but of course they make plenty of time for fomenting racial paranoia.

O Lord our God! Remember, remember, that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

Why All the Shooting?

Chicago police and SWAT officers investigate in the 4400 block of West Walton Street where an alleged gunman barricaded himself in a building after one man was killed and three other people were wounded in a shooting in West Humboldt Park on the West Side, Sunday night, May 29, 2022. False claims that guns are illegal in Chicago have circulated widely on social media. (Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

Chicago, Fourth of July weekend, 2022: 71 persons shot, eight of whom died. But lately there are shootings all over the place. Even in Denmark. Who can keep track anymore?

Chicago has strict gun laws. So do a lot of other cities wherein it’s easy to get killed. It seems criminals don’t obey gun laws. Can anyone show that strict gun laws restrict possession of firearms to anyone but law-abiding citizens? Gangs just laugh at them.

But my question is. Why? Why so many shootings, all of a sudden? Shouldn’t there be a reason? A cause?

All I can think is that we’re wrecking, debasing, and maddening our culture for all we’re worth: killing our culture. And now it’s killing us back.

I say you can’t push total sexual anarchy, delusion, racial paranoia, flagrant lawlessness, atheism, destruction of the family, Godlessness–you can’t push and push and push those things, and not expect people to lose control. It hasn’t changed since Moses’ day. Blessings or curses: pick one. And these days we always pick the curse. God told us what would happen, but we refuse to listen.

So now it’s happening.

We have to do what we can, but let’s not kid ourselves: only God our Lord can save us.


Disney Does It Again (Grooming Children for Sex)

Baymax Or Bust - Disney To "Soon" Have Huggable Robots | Futurism

It’s got a computer in it, so you know it’s gotta be great

Oh, boy! There’s a new Dizzy Studios superhero movie coming out–Baymax, featuring an inflatable computerized robot superhero [barf bag, anyone?], pitched to an audience of children as young as two years old…

And featuring “men” who supposedly menstruate. Take that, families! Investigator Chris Rufo saw leaked footage, and spilled the beans (https://twitter.com/courtneymilan/status/1542141246944296961).

Well! We can’t have that! Quick, someone find us an oracle! Got one? It’s… a self-published romance writer? That’s our oracle?

Well, anyway, she says “It’s not the ‘idea’ that men can have periods: it’s a fact.” So there! The oracle has spoken! It’s a fact!

The movie also features “the Transgender flag” and so-called “men” shopping for maxi-pads.

What is our society supposed to get out of this?

Why does anyone but a Far Left wacko patronize Disney movies?

Parents Protest Yet Another School Board ‘Transgender’ Policy

Ready for your public school outrage du jour? Anybody here reckless enough to deny that our “educators” are promoting “transgender” for all they’re worth?

Parents in Fairfax County, Virginia, are protesting a new middle school policy against “misgendering” and “dead-naming” (that’s when you use a tranny’s real name instead of whatever monicker he/she/it has chosen). It would make guilty children subject to assorted “disciplinary actions”… or even, in some cases, to “possible referral to law enforcement” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/05/virginia-parents-protest-policy-changes-expands-discipline-students-misgender-deadname-students/).

Probably because of the protests, the board has tabled these measures to June 16–maybe hoping they can get away with it while the kids are out of school and a lot of families are on vacation.

“Law enforcement” is to be involved? Call the cops when a child uses “the wrong pronoun”? Have police in Fairfax County nothing better to do with their time? Maybe their budget is too big.

I remember when school boards used to represent the people who elected them. Those were the days. Parents have to pay the cost of public, um, education, but they don’t own it. How is that fair? Well, now it’s “To hell with the parents, we’re hear to groom the kiddies for sex!”

They deny that’s what they’re doing; but you know how they lie.

Question! Why don’t the parents just take their kids out of those schools? Beats me.

The Next Wave of Perversion

Plesiosaur (Invicta) | Dinosaur Toy Blog

I’m already sick, and I don’t need a picture of these weirdos to make me sicker. Here instead is a very nice Plesiosaurus toy that I don’t have in my collection. Anybody know where I might get it?

(Note: This story appears to be from three years ago, but Campus Reform published it yesterday.)

We all know that being morbidly obese is to court an early death, don’t we?

Not so fast there! According to some jidrool at St. Olaf’s College (where else? They specialize in spiritual wickedness) who calls herself “The Fat Sex Therapist,” fitness trainers are “nazis,” “diet culture” is an assault on one’s body image, and dieting itself “an attack on Fat Culture” (https://campusreform.org/article?id=12142).

(Did I mention that people wanting to lose weight is a sinister plot by white supremacists? Honk if you’ve ever met a white supremacist.)

She is leading a “liberation” of “fat-identifying students,” backed up by the Wellness Center, the Women’s and Gender Studies Dept., and the Center for Equity and Inclusion.

This is another one of those things that Far Left Crazy says is good to do. Being pregnant is an illness, being born into one sex or another a calamity, we should all at least try being a different gender–and fat is where it’s at!

Far Left Crazy culture and doctrine hands out a lot of tickets to many kinds of early deaths.  That’s why a lot of us think the whole business is Satanic. “All they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

If St. Olaf were alive today, heads would roll at that college.

Another Public School Horror

great photo. .!! Credit : @azfinkels - Western Screech-Owl in Saguaro Cactus  For info about promoting your owl art or crafts s… | Owl art, Owl, Western  screech owl

No way I’m posting a picture of drag queens! Here’s a nice little owl nesting in a cactus, instead. God’s stuff is so much cleaner and saner than ours.

This era we’re living in now will be remembered as a time when “authorities” brought perverts into the schools and gave them access to children. Please just think that over for a minute.

Hempfield High School in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has–for three years!–been bringing in “professional drag queen” performers to strut their stuff for the teens. Only now they’re in the soup because the word got out and the public doesn’t like it (https://www.fox43.com/article/news/local/lancaster-county-drag-show-hempfield-high-school/521-53e1a9ac-5ca9-4b47-a552-ea8875fc2f88)–leaked videos and all that.

Was the public asleep for three years? Who knows?

The drag queen shows were arranged by the school’s Gender Sexuality Alliance. Think about that for a minute, too. Did your school have a Gender Sexuality Alliance? Should any school have one?

Go ahead, I’ve got time–see if you can offer one constructive purpose for holding drag queen shows at public schools. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Kill the culture, and it’ll kill you back.