Yes, Dems Are the Evil Party

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We call it a baby. Democrats call it “pretend life.”

Someday we might come to understand the Democrat Party’s animus toward unborn babies. But that day has not yet come.

This Wednesday the South Carolina Legislature overwhelmingly passed a “heartbeat bill,” making it unlawful to abort a baby after his or her heart starts beating. On Thursday the governor signed it.

Democrats opposed the bill and walked out on the debate, calling any baby in the womb “pretend life” ( They said “science says” the pre-born baby is not alive. Not human.

Dare we call this anything but evil? If these people are not evil, then what are they? This goes far beyond just being wrong.

May God have mercy on us and strip them of their power. Forever.

7 comments on “Yes, Dems Are the Evil Party

  1. From how I see it, there are two groups within the prochoice movement. There is the average person who believes the rhetoric of a “woman’s choice” and that life doesn’t begin until the “fetus” takes its first breath outside of the womb (they either are ignorant enough to believe this, or choose to believe it because it’s most convenient) and then there’s group 2. Group 2 know the truth and do it because they are demonically influenced/possessed. For Group 2, it is a religious sacrifice. Also with Group 2, there is the whole adrenochrome thing and selling of parts.

  2. The same people make a great fuss over the lives of animals, even to the point of going to great, over the top lengths to save “endangered species”, spending their whole lives and careers working to preserve animal lives, but thinking nothing of murdering innocent, unborn people. Tell me where the logic is in that.

  3. If it’s pretend life, who is doing the pretending?
    If it’s pretend life, what is real life?
    Can there be any real life if (as the mantra goes) there is no objective reality?
    But if there is no real life, who or what is doing the complaining about the pretending?
    And so we return to the first question.
    And round and round it goes.
    It’s not supposed to make sense. It just has to make destruction.
    Welcome to Hell.

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