They Want Us to Hate Each Other

Do the Riots in Minneapolis Forebode Greater Civil Unrest for the US?

“Divide and rule.” It’s been on page one of the tyrants’ playbook for several thousand years. And it’s very much a part of the Democrat Party today.

What with the schools full to bursting with anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-normal “teaching,” our cities torn by riots, social media censorship, Hollywood mocking regular people, and so much more along these lines, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that this is being done on purpose, as part of a comprehensive politics that aims at taking over and “fundamentally transforming” the country.

In short, Democrats want us to hate and fear each other. They certainly don’t want us ever getting together to compare notes. “Well, look at that! We’re both getting screwed!”

No. They’re busy raising up boogie-men and then promising to protect us from them. “Oh, you poor helpless weak minorities! Only the Party can save you from White Supremacy!” Or whatever. Why people are willing to sit there and listen to fabulously wealthy white Democrats harangue them about “white privilege” and “systemic racism” is more than any sane person knows. Is it just because anything is better than listening to Maxine Waters?

They need us hating and fearing one another. That’s the whole point of identity politics. I get this because I’m black, you get that because you’re Hispanic, and Whitey gets to be the villain! Democrats need for there to be one Chief Villain to keep the assorted identity blocs from turning on one another and maybe even biting the hand that feeds them just enough to stay alive.

We have to try to resist the provocation, as hard as that may be. Hate and fear keep Democrats in power.

Work for their extinction.

Yes, Dems Are the Evil Party

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We call it a baby. Democrats call it “pretend life.”

Someday we might come to understand the Democrat Party’s animus toward unborn babies. But that day has not yet come.

This Wednesday the South Carolina Legislature overwhelmingly passed a “heartbeat bill,” making it unlawful to abort a baby after his or her heart starts beating. On Thursday the governor signed it.

Democrats opposed the bill and walked out on the debate, calling any baby in the womb “pretend life” ( They said “science says” the pre-born baby is not alive. Not human.

Dare we call this anything but evil? If these people are not evil, then what are they? This goes far beyond just being wrong.

May God have mercy on us and strip them of their power. Forever.

Assault with a Blunt Instrument–Maxine Waters

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Democrats have accused President Donald Trump of inciting a riot and are attempting to “impeach” him, although he is not in office anymore. Surely the president’s defenders will point out that more than a few Democrats in Congress exhorted their followers to riot.

The whole country saw them encouraging the rioters every day, everywhere–so, as is their custom whenever truth proves inhospitable to their, um, “narrative,” they meet the facts with bald-faced lies.

Like Maxine Waters denying that she ever, ever urged anyone to assault persons serving in the Trump administration (

Look at the videotape embedded in the linked American Thinker article. We’ve got you on video, Maxine! “If you think we’re rowdy now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” she orates. She urges her followers to “confront” Trump administration officials whenever and wherever they appear in public, and to follow them home, gather around their houses, and make enough noise to prevent them and their families from being able to sleep.

According to law, this behavior is assault; and it is a criminal offense.

What kind of bunyip denies something that the whole world can see and hear on video?

Why is assault okay when Democrats do it?

Who paid rioters’ bail all summer so they could go out and riot some more?

We are told some 80 million people, who now cannot be found, voted for this Democrat monstrosity of a government.

You can’t say their lies are very clever, can you?


Pelosi: How to Smear Your Opponents

We’re going to have some fun around here today–“Certain we will!” as Long John Silver used to say–but first let’s dispose of this before they pull it down from YouTube and say it never happened.

Here is the Squeaker of the House of Reprehensibles, Nancy Pelosi, describing how you smear and destroy your political opponents. To summarize: Step One, “Demonize your opponent” with as many lies as you can think of [Example: Harry Reid asserting that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes–which was totally untrue, and Reid knew it]; Step Two, feed the lies to “journalists” so they can be spread all over the country–as Pelosi puts it, “Smear somebody with falsehoods… and then you merchandise it”; and Step Three, spout the lies again, but this time duck responsibility for them by saying, “Well, it’s being reported in the press, so it must be true.” She goes so far as to give us the name of this technique: “the Wrap-up Smear.”

Snopes the self-proclaimed “fact checker”–yeah, right–offered a pathetically lame excuse for Pelosi, saying she was only talking about what Republicans, not Democrats, do. It’s a good thing for the mugs at Snopes that they’re incapable of shame. Yeah, Snopes–our Free & Independent In The Bag Nooze Media Inc. always runs with Republican smears of thoroughly innocent Democrats… like Hunter Biden. Would you please try to invent some lies that are at least believable, even if only for a fleeting moment?

There is a certain morbid fascination in listening to Pelosi: it’s like a lecture series given by Dracula, only not quite as wholesome.

It took a lot of election fraud to keep her as Speaker. Note that absence of a face mask. But that’s for you and not for your masters.

Insane Abortion Law Dies in Committee

(Thanks to Phoebe for the news tip)

See the source image

Yesterday Virginia’s proposed law to allow the abortion of babies as they’re being born died a quick death in committee, after nationwide public outrage convinced the state legislators to back off (

Some of us were so busy charting the outrage, we missed the bill’s failure in committee. Well, it’s not so easy to keep up with the nooze, these days.

I have a degree in political science, so I’m supposed to understand stuff like this–but I don’t. Not this time. Why in the world do Democrats even think the American people would be okay with the idea of murdering babies as they come out of the womb?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t people American citizens, with the rights of citizens, from the moment they are born in America? Or is there some John Kerryesque nuance that says you can kill ’em as long as, say, one leg is still inside the womb? How would this not be the premeditated murder of an American citizen? That’s the part I don’t understand.

No one shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law, the Fifth Amendment says. What–unless he or she is only a new-born baby?

Why did Democrats think the nation would allow them to do this? Are they mad? Or just so blinded by evil that they can’t think straight? Do they really think it’s okay to bushwhack a baby as he’s being born?

I must’ve missed the day they covered that in class.